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  1. Hello again, looks like power management with NullCpuPM.kext not work anymore in El Capitan. anyone know some options? Thank u for ur ideas
  2. Just updating you guys with fresh information. According to the last clover ticket http://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiboot/tickets/179/almost everyone has troubles with sleep. This is the bug of El Capitan. Tmrw I will try to dig it deeply. Will try to configure power management kext to our systems. Cheers!
  3. I am having kinda same problem with sleep mode. My hack goes to sleep and wake up immediately all the time when I press the sleep button. Power management kext from Yosemite do not work. Any ideas how to fix it? my config in the attachment. config.plist.zip for your problem, try to add darkwake boot flag to your config and also try to add this to your config: <key>InjectEDID</key> <true/> and <key>HaltEnabler</key> <true/>
  4. I didn't. How can i check it?
  5. looks like it is valid i took it from my Mac Book I tried this config thanks, looks like iCloud working fine but as before AppStore, FaceTime and iMessage are still not working. It is kinda same situation as with my original config
  6. same thing... but when i uploading my original config iCloud working fine. ( with this config iMessage, AppStore not working) but iCloud is fine config.plist.zip
  7. Of course and it is working perfectly. On my iPhone and other devices
  8. Hello guys, i have a problem after following this guide i got an iCloud Error How i can fix it? any ideas? Thanks!
  9. i fixed my Audio with ALC1150 furthermore i had 40 sec shutdown issue when i was trying to use Chimera but fixed it by taking everything out from my USB ports. Can you please show your config? i wanna compare to mine. Thanks
  10. Yes, looks like everything set up correctly. I will try to post my bios settings screens tmrw morning. I think It is something about clover setup, coz before i had Chimera and shut down worked correctly.
  11. Hello guys! I have a big trouble! I am using clover for my motherboard and everything works perfectly except one thing: I can't shut down my computer, when i hit shut down button my computer just start to reboot and when booting is done, i can see message that it was shut down because of some problem. Other modes works pretty well, Sleep mode working and etc. I tried many clover setups but nothing works, even ShutDown fix and other fixes. Could anyone please help me? I attached my current config to the message. Thank you!