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  1. The Care & Feeding of XNU

    so with this new kernel, AMD retail install just got much easier correct ? install chameleon install MAC OS install 10.5.5 add/remove kexts patch CPUID's decrypt and replace binaries no longer needed? this is indeed revolutionary, An AMD cpu that works like intel thanks to kernel Dev. Thanks guys! totally looking forward to trying this out
  2. confirmed working on gigabyte p35-DS3l Although ACHI is disabled, there seems to be no loss in data transfer speed. I took 5gb worth of data and transfered it from my OS drive to my storage drive quickly and error free. I have 3 SATA drives, 2 are hard drive and 1 is dvd-rw. THANK you SO MUCH!!
  3. 10.5.2 Is Finally Released!

    anyone else having this problem with dvd player after 10.5.2 ?
  4. would love to see all four sata ports working under ahci. any gurus out there? I have 2 sata hard drives and a sata dvd drive, so right now one of my hard drives is useless. (plugged into 3rd sata port) thinking about upgrading to motherboard with ich9r for full support
  5. as an owner of both a real mac, a hack, and a couple of pc's. I can't agree with this article. I don't feel any more "superior" now that i have a mac then before...