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  1. I have an old Acer Aspire One 532H netbook that I installed 10.6.5 on. It is running surprisingly well. I have loaded what I think to be the correct kext for the wifi but I can't seem to get it to connect to the internet. It shows that airport is on. It shows that I am "connected." But I can not go to any web pages. I have set it to dchp with manual address and added an unused address in the range of my router. I think the card is the Atheros ar5b95. I kind of a newb on the Mac OS so I'm thinking it is a settings issue that I'm missing. Thanks a ton for any help. EDIT: When I look on my router admin the netbook is noted in the client list with only the mac address but no ip address is associated with it. I have the router set as the DCHP server. The Netbook shows connected and there is a "no internet alert" in the drop down. Safari will not load pages due to no internet. EDIT:I have ethernet internet. EDIT: I finally found that the card will not connect to a mixed signal/WPA2-AES that includes N mode. If I select G or B/G only then it will connect even if ti is WPA2 (10.6.7).
  2. Remove Chameleon from NON-project laptop

    Ok, we have a winner!! I decided to try EasyBCD recommended by fusion71au because it had "EASY" in the name. It turns out it was. I loaded it, opened it and on the first screen deleted Chameleon. The following reboot proved to be quick again and straight to Win8 without the wait screen to choose between Win8 and Chameleon. Thanks a ton for all of the great ideas.
  3. Remove Chameleon from NON-project laptop

    I tried several bootrec commands from cmd in recovery. Each reported finishing successfully but nothing changed. The second command you have here I didn't try. I'll move on and give it a try. I have a recovery USB drive but my understandinbg is that Win8 only allows a reinstall(reset) or a refresh. The refresh saves the user data but dumps all software and programs added to the machine requiring re-installs of everything. I am trying to avoid that. The reinstall (reset) is nuclear for everything, user data included. I am looking into EasyBcd per you suggestion. Thanks for the excellent ideas.
  4. Remove Chameleon from NON-project laptop

    I've gotta find a way. It didn't come with the disc so I'll have to make one. I did, on a whim do a full backup while I waited for the iAtkos to load on the Netbook. If I have to I could restore it. Thanks EDIT: Restore point or back up doesn't help as they are restoring the system and not the boot partition. I don't have a disc to do a repair with nor a way to make one. I only have the windows 8 refresh option which means hours of re-installing programs.
  5. I loaded 10.6.5 on a Acer netbook yesterday. I used a ton of info from these forums that made the job easy and smooth. Thanks a ton for that. I was using my Lenovo Windows 8.1 laptop to chase down files for the install. Some how, in my zeal to get the netbook going, I ended up with Chameleon on my Lenovo. This is NOT my project for the iAtkos install. It doesn't seem to hurt anything. I get a wait screen at boot but it adds a significant amount of time to boot. I have search around but the only answers I can find are for preserving or changing the boot to OSx which I do not have on this machine. Does anyone know how to uninstall Chameleon? This is NOT a dual boot question. I just want the old single boot WIndows 8 function back. Thanks in advance for any help.