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  1. Got Further now I'm Stuck

    So I finally made it to the Apple boot screen to only be shown the You need to restart the computer message, so I did so and every time I try to boot it comes with the same thing again. I launched with the -v command and nothing really looks to be wrong, can anyone help?
  2. Noob needs Help

    Ok I'll check that outYeah System Profiler doesn't see my SATA at all so I think it's safe to say that it won't recognise my Vista installation sitting on them at all and think that the IDE drive is the only drive in my PCLOL as I was writing this it got as far as the grey screen with the apple appeared....followed by a waiting period....now black command prompt that is trying to load some commands then says bad system call, and then dissapears....then re-appears.....strange....seems t be happening with.... launchd: com.aple.syslogd: exited abnormally: Bad system calllaunchd: com.aple.syslogd: respawning too quickly! Throttlingnow it's come up withlocalhost:/ I have no name!# and it will let me type but I have no idea what is going on....it;s 2:25am here loland it was doing the same for the dnsresponder command...
  3. iPod Roundup

    Another reason for no Mail on the touch is the fact why would you want emails eating away at what little space is provided with those bad boys? I'm stuck in Australia so the the iphone ain't gonna be out here for a LONG time, so at this moment, I'm very excited to get my hands on a Ipod Touch September 28th
  4. Noob needs Help

    Ok ok I got throught the installation on an IDE Drive but after I reboot it says HFS+ Partition Error....any ideas?
  5. OSx86

    I work in IT here in Australia and while Mac wasn't a part of my life till early this year, here in Aus many of us (myself included) never even see macs But after doing a lot of research and needing to get a laptop for work I took the plunge and bought a Macbook and now I would never go back! I run a pretty high spec PC and I still prefer to use my MAC for pretty much EVERYTHING! As I said I'm only putting my point forward as an Aussie, but I was always under the impression that mac's were good, but software and compatibility in a Windows world was an issue, but I've never needed to use my copy of Parallels once as everything I've needed I've found a Mac alternative that is just as good, if not better than it's PC counterpart Yes Mac's are a little expensive (here anyways), but you have to remember that each mac is configured with software and basically pretty much EVERYTHING the average user would ever need program wise, to use straight away out of the box, and without spending a whole lot of cash on extra software I really hope the mac market increases here in Aus, because I truly believe now is the time that Apple are on the rise
  6. Noob needs Help

    G'day Guys I am a huge Mac enthusiast and want to turn my high end pc into a mac I downloaded Uphuck 10.4.9 v1.2 and burnt it to a disc, followed the instructions shrank my partition down (12 gig) then activated it using diskpart and whatnot and then when I try to install OSX it won't detect any of my drives..... I then opened up disk utility and still nothing except my DVD drive. Opened up system profiler and doesn't detect any Sata Drives I am running AMD 6000+ which is SSE3 My mobo is GA-M57SLI-S4 which is the Nforce 570 chipset I do have a new 80gb IDE drive if my Sata won't allow me to install OSX but if SATA isn't working will everything else be ok? I was reading somewhere that Ethernet doesn't work on some boards, but it seemed to be working according to the system profiler in the installation Anyways it's just after midnight and hopefully someone out there can help me out Oh and this is my first post