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  1. I know, so I won't update any more. This kext works perfectly with the 10.9.2 Mavericks image, downloaded from the AppStore 2 days ago.
  2. I solved the problem with the sound. I installed the ALC269 driver from here, and everything works perfectly now on 10.9.2. Thank you very much for your advice.
  3. Hi! My main problem is that the sound doesn't work at all. I mentioned this soon in my post, because I also want to detail everything, and uninterested users can scroll on. I tried following this tutorial and hoped to adapt it to my almost identical laptop: Dell Vostro 3450, alternative configuration and maybe extend this tutorial to all Vostro 3450s. Configuration: Processor Intel Core i7-2640M Video AMD Switchable Graphics with Radeon 6630M (rebranded as 7650M) and Intel HD Graphics 3000. RAM (4gb+2gb DDR3 1333) Wifi Intel 1030 Ethernet RTL8111 Sound ? (probably identical to the other Vostro 3450s, ALC269. I don't have a Windows any more to verify this, will edit later) To get things up to this point, I did: 1. Install 3450 Bios from tutorial link 2. In BIOS, modified the following: changed video card to IGP (Integrated graphics processor), to disable the Ati Radeo. Don't EVER select PCI, because it will brick your laptop Disabled VT-d Enabled UEFI boot, disabled legacy boot 3. I downloaded the Mavericks 10.9 image from AppStore on my Mac, and made an image using DiscMakerX.4. I generated the attached SSDT.aml for my processor, and put it in the Extra folder of the installer. 5. I formatted my primary hard drive using GPT and installed MacOS. 6. After that, I copied the PKG from the tutorial to the memory stick that contained Clover, and installed it. 7. I rebooted the laptop, and booted without the memory stick. Things that are working: Keyboard with all multimedia keys. Touchpad with multi-finger scrolling, even disabling the touchpad from keyboard works. HDMI out is instant, and the 2 modes commute instantly Webcam roughtly works, although never tested it properly. Ethernet works perfectly Processor, RAM memory, video all work as expected, didn't do any stress tests. edit: Card Reader also works. Things that are not working: Wifi because of unsupported Intel board; will buy Dell 1702. Sound is not working, and this is the only thing that bothers me. In Preferences->Sound->Output, i have "No output devices found" 1st attachment: my output from "sudo dmesg" 2nd attachment: my SSDT.aml, renamed to NO.aml and zipped. 3rd attachment: a printscreen of System Information->Audio devices If this works, I will test this tutorial on another Vostro, with i5-2410M. Any help in debugging this is welcome! Thank you, and have a good evening! dmesg.rtf NO.aml.zip