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  1. omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    hmm, if this was irc we could try to make a regex out of that for an auto kick/ban
  2. ah, i found the problem: i'm incompetent >_< i used the txt from the 10.4.4 patch instead of the 10.4.5 one
  3. the error seems to be related to broken CFLAGS just found '.include <bsd.prog.mk>' in the make file, maybe this can't be found
  4. i've tried compiling them. but i'm getting an 'configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot create executables.' error gonna see if i can fix this somehow. But with no exp. at all it might take a while any tips anyone?
  5. hmm, ok, well, i'll try to run it agian and see what happens otherwise i'll reinstall with the new installer when it comes out..
  6. seems to work better with radius = 0 for me
  7. hmm, i ran the patcher with the update txt file. It patched some files. but a kernel without amd support still doesn't fully boot. Did it work for you? would it make a difference anyway, or is it pure cosmetics?
  8. No sse3 with 10.4.5

    <edit>nevermind, was being stupid...</edit> plz delete this post
  9. from what i've read so far i think it's safe to say EFI is a replacement of the current bios software and some intel boards already support it. Which means that some of us might be able to run 10.4.4 with a bios update. Provided of course our beloved maxxuss (or any other RE expert for that matter) removes any protection systems. Then again apple might have developed there own version of the EFI which is not entirely compatible with what's on the net now. In that case someone might have to modify a current EFI, copy/hack apple's EFI or whatever. or am i totally missing the picture? <EDIT> to answer your questions: 1 No, a new type of BIOS 2 not a clue 3 it seems the EFI can/will provide a sandbox in which the os runs. managing network and other i/o. So: Big part 4 That of course depends on your system On some intel boards it's possible. But i can't say wether it would be compatible with apple's EFI.