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  1. I am very of happy my AMD Yosemite Build, This why I build my yosemite in my PC to get running xcode but suddenly I cant open can someone help me guys when I open xcode 6.1 "dyld_sim is not owned by root" is there something that fix like terminal? thanks
  2. any noticed suddenly not working usb mouse after restarting when you successfully booted your yosemite?
  3. i found bug suddenly freeze my yosemite..anyone encounter this? it keeps me to restart to able to start again
  4. yeah thanks..i have now fully working yosemite for my amd I am very happy on it.. but its weird part when my mouse scroll its reverse when I scroll down or up. When I scroll down it reverse to up. LOL . can anyone who can fix it?
  5. i already re install and it okay now..but I wondered why i don't have org.chameleon.boot.plist smbios.plist is it normal in yosemite? almost working now especially the graphics but one thing is no sound.
  6. oh its my fault sorry so do I need to install it again the yosemite cause i cant access now it freeze me in apple logo and gets black screen
  7. duran..it really works cause I used v3 installer in chameleon and did this in terminal "cp –R /System/Library/Kernels/kernel /Volumes/"Name of your HDD Partition"/System/Library/Kernels/kernel" now i can boot in yosemite desktop and it fully working in my graphic card ..really appreciated. so now should i now install the fakesmc etc in my installer? thanks EDIT: after successfully boot yosemite desktop and then install fake smc and nullcpu kext when i reboot it stuck in apple logo and after "no signal" gets black screen
  8. this is how I created my usb installer with latest "chameleon v2.3svn r2468" http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/301138-new-usb-installer-os-x-yosemite-chameleon-r2456-v2/?p=2064388 and after make my usb installer yosemite I replaced it bronya kernel2 to my usb installer S/L/Kernel/"kernel" and restart and successfully install but when it boot I cant access in yosemite desktop and keeps restarting. I used flags with -x -v UseKernelCache=No but no luck can u guide me on how to copy "FakeSMC.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, and a patched AppleRTC.kext to either /Extra/Extensions or S/L/Extensions " sincee now i cant access my yosemite desktop and i cant use -s can you please guide me on how to add that kext? since i cant -s and access yosemite desktop. is there any way to add that kext? thanks
  9. I dont know my question here deleted.is there something wrong for asking? i know guys you are the only person that can help me about this matter .. its been 4 days now i cant sucessfully boot my yosemite .. it automatic restart after hfs+ file load. i use kernel2 successfully install the yosemite installer but i cant load yosemite desktop, help me pls
  10. helo gils thank for fast replying. anyways when i used any flag like you mention "GraphicsEnabler=Yes UseKernelCache=No -v" I still reboot after read hfs+ file.. i already replace kernelv2 in bronya post in S/L/Kernels/kernel or you mean should i rename it into mach_kernel instead of kernel?
  11. I used kernel 2 and flag with "-v UseKernelCache=No kext-dev-mode=1 npci=0x2000" and shows the yosemite installer and successfully install it, BUT when the PC rebooting after the installation i can't access the logo screen error screen "Can't find /mach_kernel" or after read hfs+ file loading it automatic restart. pls guide me amd a8 processor fm2-a85xma-p33 gforce gt630 nvidia