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  1. @mirone I'm not sure if I picked up the correct files. I've got AppleHDA-2.6.3f4-ALC280, HDAEnabler3 and EAPDFix installed. Everything looks good. Even the icon in the menu bar responds to the default slider. However, no sound whatsoever. The configuration is a fat SP2. The audio config tool says "CNXT Audio".
  2. @Munakib, The solution for me was to go into System Preferences -> Displays -> Color and check the box "Show profiles for this display only", then select sRGB IE61966-2.1
  3. Nope. For those of us about to retire, this is the old software maintenance model we knew back in the mainframe and minicomputer era. You paid for the software, and threw in 10% extra each year. Oracle still does this, and demands back maintenance to bring you current if you want even documentation. Touchbase is 12% for lifetime maintenance. You're in luck, it's only $12.00 US. As I said before, we are a tiny market for them. They aren't going to get rich on us. They aren't even going to break even. (Remember the three laws of gas entropy :-)). It helps to keep your friends when you support them...
  4. Did you pay the additional 12% (if I recall correctly) for maintenance? If not, then probably not.
  5. On a Surface Pro 2, you need the modified mach_kernel. If you couldn't get it to copy over, you will get an immediate crash and reboot every time. This is most likely your problem. You need to get the mach_kernel installed. Check permissions on the target side. So, go back into a usb drive boot and look for the reason the copy is failing. You did copy it onto the usb drive from the files pack, right?
  6. Sorry, I don't know what cdock is. The only mod I make to the dock is to select "Transparent menu bar" under System Preferences -> Desktop & Screen Saver. After that, I tried all of the desktop backgrounds until I found the one that worked best, which was the oriental pagoda. That caused the text rendered in the menu bar to at least be visible. As for sound, I found that under 10.9.4, I needed to delete /System/Library/Extensions AppleHDA.kext and AudioAUUC.kext and then reinstall VoodooHDA.kext from scratch. There was no audio before that and USB was suspect as well. Deleting those two kext fixed both problems for me. If you're building a new USB drive to install 10.9.4, just delete them on the USB drive before installing and save a few headaches. Hey, changing the color profile seems to magically fix things. The only side effect I saw was the need to quit all of my apps and start over as they all had very strange color mappings. So far, it works. Thanks! Subsequent to this post, I found that if you go into System Preferences -> Displays -> Color and click on "Show profiles for this display only", this is the only choice I get.
  7. It's worth a try. I've got 0x0a260006 in the config.plist right now. Anyone have a suggestion?
  8. Sounds like a good idea, but not my area of expertise. For someone with that knowledge, here are two screenshots showing the issues I see. One shows the menu bar in normal mode with pastel colored stripes. The other shows the menu bar "apple" with artifacts surrounding it. These artifacts vary with each boot. The screen background I've chosen to work with the translucent bar is the oriental pagoda building from Apple's standard screen background stock. Hope this helps. menuBar.tiff menuBarApple.tiff
  9. @jape has seen random graphics glitches for quite some time. He believes it is related to the SP2 4300u CPU motherboards. I never saw it before the update to 10.9.4. Now, I have pastel colored horizontal lines all the way across the menu bar. The workaround I found was to enable the translucent menu bar and then find a screen background that displays the menu bar with legible characters. I still see some glitches around the apple, but this varies by boot. Sorry, no perfect solution yet that I'm aware of.
  10. Did you install hwmonitor (http://sourceforge.net/projects/hwsensors/) ? I don't remember the wording as that was early April, but it was displayed there. If it's not there, then I suspect it a difference in ACPI configs between SP1 and SP2.
  11. SInce you don't have your signature in place, I can't tell what your hardware platform is. I can tell you that the one I had clearly showed up as a second battery. At the time, it would have been under 10.9.2. Also, there is a firmware update that needs to be applied under Windows, without it, the power cover won't work properly. I have since disposed of it as it didn't have keyboard backlighting, which is a mandatory for the visually challenged.
  12. Sounds like it's decision time. From what I've heard on this and other threads, you have three options: 1. Touch isn't important and you uninstall it. 2. Some level of touch support is required, but you don't want to pay for it. Instead, you're willing to wait for Yosemite. I understand it's not as robust. You also need to ask why it's even there in the development releases as Apple doesn't have a touch device under OS X, It might disappear in the final release. 3. You want the full gestures support, which isn't even available in the demo version. This case requires spending some money on a good cause. After all, TouchBase is supporting this community, which is a small number of people and a limited market.
  13. As you would expect, it works on 10.9.4/SP2 as well.
  14. It's been a while since I've watched the video on the SP2 install by MacSpike. However, it's fundamentally the same process, but the files are different. What's missing on the SP2 and possibly on the SP1 (I only have an SP2 so I can't check) is that you need to disable secure boot. To do this, you need to hold down the volume rocker in the UP position while pressing the power button. Wait until you see the initial screen with the rotating marbles thingie and then let up on the power button. Continue to depress the volume rocker until you boot into the secure boot screen, then disable secure boot, save and exit. Power off. Then start the install where you put the usb drive in the system and boot with the volume rocker held in the down position. As for the bluetooth freeze, I had no luck installing on my SP2 with /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext on the usb drive. Beginning in 10.9.3, I found conflicts between AudioAUUC.kext and VoodooHDA.kext. I recommend deleting both of them from the usb drive. Since a Hackintosh is a labor of love, also known as a continuous debugging process, keep your eyes peeled for when Apple reinstalls these kext with an update, such as 10.9.4, eh?
  15. @miles400 Use Windoze to apply the fw update. OSX will charge it afterwards. However, no backlighting on the power cover. @jape I'm using 1366x768. I've tried other resolutions, but the problem persists.