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  1. Hi, I have a problem with sound on Acer laptop. Attached codec_dump and VoodooHDA. At this kext, sound works for a few seconds then stops and freezes. SSE2 setting did not help. In Codec_dump: Realtek ALC271X, 0x10ec0269 In OS X VoodooHDA: Intel - 8086:3 B56 Laptop: Acer 5745g-434g50mn (version from GT 330m i5) Thanks! VoodooHDA.kext.zip codec_dump.txt.zip
  2. Quad-core Hackintosh for FCP 6

    I try to use FCS2 on my Leo from Flat image with EFI 5.2. I add only oryginal kernel and appleaciplatform, smbios from EFI package. All works fine, but Compressor use 4 cores only 50%. OS use 4 cores 100%. In XP procoder express rendering movie in real time (1:1), Leopard Compressor 0:5 or slow. Any ideas?
  3. Compresor and 4 cores

    I try to compress my video (hdv) file to mpeg2 (dvd) with Compressor (from FCS2). In Activity Monitor i see 4 cores work, but only 50%. Sometimes bars up to 70-80% for some seconds. On XP i have real time (1:1) compression, in leo only 0.5 or slow. I install leo from flat image + efi 5.2 with oryginal appleahciplatform and kernel. Smbios i have from efi package. Other kexts are from FI package. Any ideas? Thanx for help.
  4. If I put only vanilla kernel and dsmos i have problem with Appleacpiplatform.kext (from flat image). If i put oryginal leopard boot now coretly. Also i replace smbios from EFI.
  5. EFI and correct CPU info

    After I install 5.2 EFI in about this mac my cpu is 2.4GHz Unknown. (before EFI i haved 4GHz CPU ). I have a Core 2 Quad CPU at 2,4 GHz. Oryginal kernel + dsmos + appleacpiplatform and applesmbios from EFI package. What kext I must replace?
  6. After EFI only kernel panic. I must install vanilla kernel + dsmos.kext and AppleACPIPlatform.kext. AppleSMBios.kext i install from EFI package.
  7. PS/2 keyboard

    I try this method. Also i push a key all time - not work. On apple grey logo keyboard not responding. Before i install EFI i must unplug and plug keyboard with push any key. This not work now.....
  8. PS/2 keyboard

    I install leo with flat image method. Sometimes keyboard not work. Now my PS/2 keyboard not work anytime. I have only USB mouse. I try method from tiger with ApplePS2Keyboard.kext unload and load agin in etc/rc script, but in LEO this file is not existing. Thanx for any help.
  9. OSX86 10.5 Leo [ToH]-RC2 SSE3/SSE2 Intel Only

    Hi, I install ToH Leopard with no errors, but I have problem with boot (bios freezes on PCI devices list screen). Script.sh method not work. Now I install JaS 10.4.8 and update this to Leopard - result: panic (cpu 0 caller 0x001A7BED) kernel trap as 0x))1976BC. My hardware is Gigabyte 945GZM-S2 with Core 2 Duo processor, 1GB memory. Installed on IDE disk. Is chance on start-up on my hardware LEO? Marius
  10. Leopard and first problems

    Hi, I have a problems: 1. with graphics ATI X850 (5D4F). In my 10.4.9 QE and CI work with Callisto and koverg path. On my 10.5 Callisto work corretly (i can change resolution), but QE/CI not worked. 2. with sound in my gigabyte 945GZM-S2. In 10.4.9 i have 6ch with ALC883Audio driver, on 10.5 only 2ch. ALC883Audio Installer can't create file in /private folder, but 2ch sound worked as HD Audio. Thanx for any sugestions. Marius PS Sorry for my english