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  1. Can't boot simultaneously with -v -f, it flashes for a moment and reboots. Everything else stucks at the grey screen with the cursor.
  2. busratio=16 npci=0x2000 Tried again on another installation, first time booted normally with andy's RC10 and new system.kext and 10.9.0 sandbox.kext. Next, i installed 10.9.2 sandbox.kext repaired permissions, but it then again stucked in the grey screen with the cursor. After reinstalling the old sandbox.kext, I stucked again in the grey screen. Very strange as it was working before. edit: Tried again on third installation. Booted normally with RC10 and system.kext two times. Then installed the voodoohda.kext with kext wizard plus repaired permissions from diskutil and boom, in the next boot stucked again at the gray screen and cursor.
  3. @hzhjy123 Same here stuck at grey screen with cursor and cannot get into desktop with Phenom x6 1090t, RC10.
  4. @Bronya Not tried your new kernel yet, as your previous resulted in random kernel panicks with 1090t, but I will try it soon and report back. @Herve It worked for me too. Start by replacing sandbox and system kext and try to boot. If it doesn't boot, gradually replace the other kexts mentioned till it boots. Something interesting is that video stutters with quicktime, while they play fine with vlc. Could this be a kernel related issue or graphics?
  5. As mentioned above Kext Wizard does not fix every permission error. Disk utility found many more errors, so be sure to repair permissions with Disk Utility especially after you roll back the system and sandbox kexts. I hope now the system stabilizes with no kernel[0]: OPEMU: mov [rdx+0x10], rcx errors. @spaak I can't either boot with andy's BSA R9 with phenom x6 1090t, Sinetek has issues with shutdown/restart and other kernels from andy have graphic glitches, with Cassa working fine fixing the previous bugs in both 10.9.0/ 10.9.2. @kio i have the same problem(green artifacts/lines) with flash player in both safari and mozilla while in chrome everything is ok. Also I have another strange bug. In Premiere Pro fullscreen playback is fine, while in After Effects fullscreen ram preview is not realtime. These happen with every kernel.
  6. Updated to 10.9.2 and then rolled back system and sandbox kexts so I could boot. Everything runs fine, except I get random opemu errors in the console and the cpu goes into full load or sometimes just freezes. The error is the following kernel[0]: OPEMU: mov [rdx+0x10], rcx It happens with every kernel including Andy's (with his system.kext and without), Sinetek and Caasa in both 10.9.0 and 10.9.2. What do you guys think?