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    r9 270 dual screens

    So I am fairly new to this hackintosh thing, I have managed to get my system up and running with chameleon loader. I am trying to get dual displays to work, but am having limited success in doing so. About every three boots mavericks will load for me no problem on dual screens, the other two times out of three it will boot to white screen on both monitors. If I plug in one monitor to my HDMI port on GPU and boot mavericks then plug in secondary monitor to DVI port after everything has loaded they will both work. So far I have tried using Vlada's driver package, And also tried using all different framebuffer personalities for AMD HD 7xxx. Using any other framebuffer had the exact same results where every three or so boots would work with white screen the rest of the time. Has anyone had this problem? or does anyone know how I would go about fixing it? Thank you My Hackintosh build is as follows: Asus z87 pro mobo intel i7 3771 CPU Gigabyte R9 270 GPU using chameleon bootloader Mavericks 10.9.2 EDIT: well dont i feel silly. Sometimes it is best to keep it simple. Turns out that by making my LG monitor the primary display with HDMI input, and the secondary monitor DVI everything works great. Seems I had tried everything else under the sun from different cables to edited dsdt. Lesson learned
  2. johnnieh

    dual monitor problems

    I am having trouble getting dual monitors to work. usually one in every three to four boots will fire up with both monitors working no problem. Two out of three will boot to white screen with or without mouse on one of the screens. I can boot with one monitor no problem on hdmi port. Trying to boot my other monitor on its own does not work through dvi port. If I boot with one monitor plugged in to hdmi, let it boot to osx then plug in second dvi monitor it works. ?? Anyone have any insight as to what I may need to do for this? running mavericks 10.9.2 ati gigabyte r9 270 gpu amd driver pack installed Thanks!!
  3. Has anyone had any luck with WIFI on z87 pro (atheros AR946x adapter)? No kext has worked for me yet.