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  1. Hi silves89 I can confirm that your build will work ! I too have h67n-usb3-b3 board, i5 2500k, and a ati 6850 graphics card. i managed too install 10.6.7 with the known modifications ([url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] etc.). I dont know how the new dsdt.aml from tonymac dsdt database works, but it is worth giving a try. But too get back to the point, the system will RUN !!!
  2. Jazzman1969

    ESI Maya44 PCI Driver ?

    I am running iDeneb 10.5.8 with Vanilla Kernel ! Tried to install official driver, but that resulted in a kernel panic (even with sqooz Kernel). Any idea how to solve it ? Or any driver solution ? Thanx in advance Guys Jazzman
  3. Jazzman1969

    Need help with GTX 285 2GB

    Hi folks ! Does anybody got a Palit BTX285 with 2gb got to work correctly ? I mean, the drivers seem to work, but the vram size is -2048 mb !!!! That menas for example, Final Cut Pro 3 wont install due to vram issues ! Anyone got the the correct vram size ??? Thanx in advance, Jazzman