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  1. Boot into live usb stick of Linux and use gptsync. This will fix your issue. I was going round and round in circles cause of this issue, . You will then need to use gdisk or gptsync (mac advanced version) to make windows bootable.
  2. Hi, Not sure it this is in the right place, but wanted to share my experience with getting a triple boot system working. I spent about 2 weeks of installing and reinstalling until I worked out exactly how the system would all go together. I wanted Mavericks, Windows8.1 and Linux all working together. Once I finally managed to get them all working together (Hybrid GPT / MBR is a killer), I was then faced with a new problem. I was unable to boot into Windows 8.1 advanced startup. I tried all the usual, F8, through Windows, using shortcuts but nothing worked. I needed this as I need to install non-signed drivers (i.e. live suite, google usb drivers etc etc), so I ended up getting Windows to fix my MBR and this stopped me booting into anything but windows. I started thinking and thought all I need is the Windows Boot Manager menu. So I restored the Hybrid GPT / MBR and tried my idea. I entered "bcdedit /store c:\Boot\BCD /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu yes" via cmd Prompt and rebooted. When I now select Windows, it brings up Boot Menu (F8 Menu). This solved my last remaining issue with a Triple Boot system. I am now able to boot without driver enforcement when ever I need now, . Just wish I could get my onboard audio to work with the drivers, Im just using VoodooHDA at the moment.