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    Salve ragazzi, c'è qualcuno che è riuscito a far andare la Asrock g31-MS?
  2. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    Hi, I'm using the Kalyway 10.5.2, with my HP DV8283EA, I've bought a HP Broadcom 4311. I've tried to get it work, but it has only one time started sucessfully, then i've shutted down my pc and then I'm without wireless card. Before it works i've inserted my card while my PC was already powered. Please can anyone help me?
  3. wrong bus speed

    Can anyone help me? Why the bus speed of my HP DV8233 is 100mhz? I'm using the kalyway 10.5.1 with Efi but without Vanilla kernel. Thank you Riepilogo hardware: Nome modello: Mac Identificatore modello: Mac Pro Nome processore: Intel Core Duo Velocità processore: 1.99 GHz Numero di processori: 1 Numero totale di nuclei: 2 Cache L2: 2 MB Memoria: 2 GB Velocità bus: 100 MHz Versione Boot ROM: Hack.int.0sh Numero di serie: YM8****W0A
  4. Can you xplain how can it work plz? I've an ATI MB too it's an ASRock 4Core1333-FullHD, but It doesn't work. How can it work with vmware 6 or native?
  5. Keyboard problems

    I'm using a Logitech EX110 Mouse + Keyboard wireless kit, when I use the keyboard via PS/2 socket the keyboard misses the key at right to the left shift, but the mouse works very well; If I use the keyboard via USB it's appear a window called "keyboard recognition" then the keyboard vorks good,but the mouse a bit slow. I'm using Tiger 10.4.10 with a P4 3GHz SSE3 and an Asrock P4v88+ Tnx
  6. No Volume Control

    have anyone a solution????