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  1. I think your Serial should appear as invalid in checkcoverage, please generate new ones in clover configurator, also if your iCloud account is new, things will goes hard (in my experience).
  2. caes95

    HD6450 recognized as HD 7470 Sierra

    Sorry for the delay, I've enabled CSM and set IGPU to primary in bios, clover now recognized both cards and it boot in the igpu monitor, but then the system also boot with the igpu and the radeon monitor keeps off. This is with the fakeid you've proposed and with the FixDisplay DSDT.
  3. ohh good ty, so the stuttering while playing 4k is gpu related? I think that with cpu pm it should work well too, any thoughts?. Reboot doesn't work yet and idk why, each time I try to reboot it goes to black screen and I need to force with the reset btn (now I need to repair the disk for mount my EFI part again lol).
  4. With your clover folder the cpu goes to 20% load while playing 4k videos and I get stuttering in some scenes, if I go back to my previous folder the cpu keep under 5%, whats going here?
  5. Hey MaLd0n, Please, can you help me again with a DSDT?, because after a clean install my previous one doesn't work anymore and my system doesn't reboot and get stuck on a black screen, everything else works fine. Specs -macOS Sierra 10.12.6 -Gigabyte H110M-H (Bios F20) -Intel i7 6700 -8GB Single slot, Kingston DDR4-2400 -Kingston SSD -Only using HD 530 igpu iMac de Carlos.zip
  6. caes95

    HD6450 recognized as HD 7470 Sierra

    Hello, Im trying to get my HD 6450 works on Sierra 10.12.6 but no lucks, so I need a bit help. My card device id on Windows is (0x6778) also the same on OS X without faking it. I´ve tried Clover´s new option RadeonDeInit and the graphics card is not even recognized (Display 4MB). If I set the FB to Bulrushes with Inject ATI option, the system read my card as a ( AMD Radeon HD 7470 4 MB) but still no graphics acceleration. I´ve tried this fakeID (0x67791002) that according to this correspond to HD6450 but the system goes to black screen at booting. My system kext doesn't have any 0x6778 device id specified: cat /System/Library/Extensions/AMD6000Controller.kext/Contents/Info.plist | grep "0x6779" <string>0x67681002 0x67701002 0x67791002 0x67601002 0x67611002 0x67501002 0x67581002 0x67591002 0x67401002 0x67411002 0x67451002 0x67381002 0x67391002 0x67201002 0x67221002 0x67181002 0x67191002 0x68401002 0x68411002 0x67041002</string Notes: Kexts in use (Latest version as 09/01/18): FakeSMC AppleALC Lilu RealtekRTL811 USBInjectAll Nvram working fine using EmuvariableUefi and RC scripts. System is booting with UEFI mode and CSM disabled. System profile iMac 13,2 config.plist.zip Thanks you guys.
  7. that means that CPUPM is working right?, bro I've noticed you has a Asus h61m-a, maybe is similar to mine (H61M-K), I want to ask you why I can't pair two 4GB DDR3 modules, work one or another but not both at same time, what can be wrong here?. Thanks you..
  8. generated new SSDT and disabled Generate P and C States in clover. New IOReg Mac mini de pedro_l.zip Thanks you again.