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  1. Slow minimize effect

    This has been a long going bug in OS X, since QE was invented, and exists on real Macs.
  2. safe 10.5.3

    I can't believe someone had the nerve to remove my thread, because I had to bump so many times because a long time was passing with no answers. That's BS. All I wanted to know, was if there was a safe 10.5.3 like the safe 10.5.2 update there is. Someone said there was a JAS one. I replied asking if it was compatible with a kalyway install, and that's when the thread got removed..
  3. cloning drive

    Just an update. Because the 500GB SATA was 30 bucks, and only 50 were in stock, I didn't get it.. Damnit. Ok, I'll keep this app "just in case" I ever get the drive..
  4. I really don't think this will fix wifi reception. It has nothing to do with it.
  5. cloning drive

    Ok. When I get the 500GB SATA for 30 bucks tomorrow at CompUSA, I'll tell you how it went. (That is, if this HD isn't sold out).
  6. cloning drive

    No cloning. It's exclusively Leopard only, with one giant partition (and that tiny EFI GUID partition that i can't see?)
  7. cloning drive

    I tried searching for this, and all I could get was an unconfirmed answer that only had "didn't work" as responses.. I REALLY need this to work. I'm going to be getting a new HD soon. Old one is SATA, and new one will be SATA also. I want to copy my Leopard HD (the only HD in my computer), to the new one and be bootable. Is there any copy utility that does this easily, without supposedly needing to boot to DVD and enter terminal commands?
  8. Dude, I swatted my monitor because of your signature! LOL I thought there was a bug on my screen and i wapped a nice 19" wide LCD. luckily no damage.. On topic: Try rebooting if the above doesn't work..
  9. Leopard won't work on Pentium 4

    Make sure the NX bit is enabled in your BIOS. I get the bootlist file not found error when I leave the disc in the drive, but it boots fine without the disc.. complete opposite of yours.
  10. BootCamp

    Yea, this needs to be stickied if it isn't already.
  11. Leopard won't work on Pentium 4

    No, boot into Windows, no virtualization or anything, Windows needs to be the host, not the guest, otherwise CPU-Z isn't very accurate. At this point, I think it's the lack of NX bit support that's getting you in trouble, as Tiger doesn't need it. While I can boot without NX on my system, others aren't so lucky...
  12. Leopard won't work on Pentium 4

    Wait, I don't think ANY of those CPU's are yours. Your SSPEC number isn't really showing me anything like I hoped, which makes sense now since it's OEM. I really want to CPU-Z from a Windows OS on your system... I had no special steps. It ran like a real mac without any fits...
  13. Is it safe to rename the boot hard drive?

    Whats the deal with installing with a Space? why doesn't that work, but you can rename it later down the line? i don't get it.
  14. Leopard won't work on Pentium 4

    While yours is a prescott like mine (though mines a Prescott 2M), it doesn't seem to register itself as having 64-bit (EM64T), so either your motherboard doesn't support 64-bit, or somethings up. I also notice it doesn't make mention of voltage either. It shows as an F series Prescott, so it should have 64-bit. Seems like the board doesn't like it. I notice NX bit is missing too. Make sure your BIOS has these options enabled if it has it, especially the NX bit.. Where was that screenshot taken from? Doesn't look like Windows, looks more like OS X's X11.. EDIT: Ok, something doesn't add up. Boot into Windows, not WINE, as it seems you are using, and run CPU-Z again. CPU-Z reported you as having a F series, but your SSPEC number says otherwise, and something REALLY odd is going on right now..
  15. does your computer by any chance have TWO video outputs? my IBM has two, and with a certain video driver (GMA 950), only one of the ports work, while the other leads to a blue stuck screen without even a cursor.