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  1. good to know, I purchased a new motherboard a few days ago, and it did the trick... but performance is the same. only difference now is the intel hd 630 and radeon is working in conjunction & allowing jpgs to be viewed. Just curious, if you look at your system report, under graphics/Displays, do you see multiple items listed?
  2. thanks for the motivation, just ordered a new mobo and case.
  3. alright, that was my feeling too, and its good to have that confirmation so i dont waste endless more hours trying.
  4. Oh, it just cant be done. my bios doesnt have that option, and i found this to be common with other HP boards. Sorry about the lack of hardware info, i thought adding it to my bio would have place it in my signature automatically. I'll look into adding it after this reply. but its a HP 570-p010 w a i3-7100 kaby lake w/ Radeon RX 560 so i could get 4k with dual monitors edit: I want to add I have acceleration working, including dynamic backgrounds w/ dark theme. Everything works great except preview and quicklook.
  5. any fix for those who cant enable from the bios their onboard graphics when a card is plugged in?