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  1. Hello everyone ! Im really a newbie in all of the hackintosh business and i recently installed mavericks 10.9.2 on my Dell XPS 14 (L421X) - chameleon bootloader. My battery gets drained after an hour and a half give or take (in contrast to 8 hours on windows 7) and after a little bit of digging i found out that it should be related to the unused Geforce 630m (discreet graphics) and i also understood that it could be disabled by editing the DSDT file. As i mentioned before, I'm really new in all of those things and i have no idea how to do that. It would be really great if someone could help me. Also, I can't seem to get my mic to work, and there is no headphone jack auto detection. I though maybe someone has an insight of the situation. Anyways, help would be much appreciated. Thank you, Eyal.