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  1. Slow network on Mavericks, fast on windows

    Damn. NICs that use 5 GHz are a bit of a problem in my country. This might sound strange to you but here in Israel if I decide to buy that card, I'd have to get a confirmation from the Ministry of Communications... Trust me, people and importers here can sooner reach the sky than get a confirmation from that office. And 5 GHz routers that are sold here (you could count them one one hand) are "castrated". They don't and can't support all channels because the IDF will not open them (without compensation) because it got "special" equipment that use those frequencies. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WLAN_channels#5.C2.A0GHz_.28802.11a.2Fh.2Fj.2Fn.2Fac.29.5B16.5D I have no problem getting DLink DWA-556 which I read worked out of the box for older version of OS X but I've got no idea if it supports Mavericks. Anyone had experience with Apple USB to Ethernet? Speedtest gives me my correct download speed which is 15.72 but I'm getting no where close to 1.9MB download speed.
  2. Slow network on Mavericks, fast on windows

    This isn't a viable soultion for me. The netgear is a wireless router that I'm also using for my laptop and phone.
  3. Slow network on Mavericks, fast on windows

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/205771-appleintele1000ekext-for-108107106105/page-29?do=findComment&comment=2013146 This is the kext for my LAN, but it only makes things worse. The modem router is netgear dgn2200v2, could it be a problem with it?
  4. Hello there, I'm connecting to the internet via a router modem supplied by my ISP. I've installed AppleIntele100e using tonnymac method but network seems even slower with it so I uninstalled and used the native drivers, the network always worked out of the box. It's a bit faster but still not at the right speed, I'm getting 1.3MB - 1.4Mb max download speeds where on windows I'm always getting a steady 1.8-1.9Mb. There are a lot of pages I have to reload twice both in Safari, Chrome or Firefox. I've searched the forum for the problem and saw that Apple to USB Ethernet might solve my problem but wanted to get your advice first. I've tried changing the MTU and disable IPv6 but it doesn't seem to have helped. Any advice?
  5. Hello there, I've made a clean install of Mavericks, the install went smoothly and without any problems. I'm using recommended hardware so most stuff worked out of the box for me. Now, this is my second install of Mavericks and I still see that in About This Mac my CPU speed is recognized as the turbo speed of 3.9 GHz so I have to ask, is this Mavericks normal behavior or is something wrong? I'm running 10.9.2. ::EDIT:: Sorry guys, wrong forum... Meant to post in the post-installation. Please move the topic to the right forum. I had XMP profile in the Bios settings, changed it to Disabled but the the Information in About This Mac is still not right. It's at 3.69 GHz. Only If I disable Turbo Boost will the processor show 3.49 GHz.