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  1. iPhone on Vodafone?

    damn that would really suck... vodaphone is SFR in France, and that's the worst operator in the country, if not technologically, at least from a marketing point of view (advertising, old image, etc.), that would in NO way be compatible with Apple. If I was Apple, I wouldn't want to see my image and iPhone associated with SFR. I would also HATE having to switch from my current operator and subscribe to SFR to be able to get an iPhone!
  2. What network cards work?

    OvisLink Evo-W54USB works (Ralink based) still have some troubles... disconnects every xxminutes, might be because the airport base is too distant
  3. Kext not loading on startup

    Oh ok, that's more or less what i expected, but now i know for sure! Thank you! I'm kinda testing every solution i find on this forum... I'm not 100% sure my adapter is Broadcom or Prism, so i'm basically messing around with the kext... withouth any success so far. I'll dig more thoroughly into that vendor ID number stuff, although i'm pretty sure nothing more will happen: that AppleAirport2.kext is designed for PCI adapters from what i gathered. i wish i could write drivers
  4. Hey, I'm struggling to find some way to have my usb wireless adapter work... (see my post for more info...) The problem i'm currently working on is the AppleAirport2.kext not loading when os X86 starts, I have to manually load it every time i reboot, although it's not helping the wireless adapter right now. Is this normal? Or is there a way to have it load at startup? Thanks for any help v.
  5. HOW TO: commercial dvd playback

    works great for me! thanks alot for the tip! now i just need the sound... (marklar patched dvd install - radeon x800 - soundblaster audigy 2zs: both no drivers yet) v.
  6. Photoshop CS2

    The entire Adobe Creative Suite 2 (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. CS2) works great for me! (marklar patched dvd install)