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  1. enumaelis

    Virtualbox SL/L/ML and Core I7 Hasweel

    Hi I have the same problem as atlantisman87bis. I have an Asus core i7 4x and the identical cpuids output issuing the VBoxManage list cpuidset (under linux). Unfortunally I have no previous OSX installed in my VIrtualVox so i cannot know wich cpuid will work with the Vm machine. I tried your command but didn't work of course. Th for any help.
  2. enumaelis

    OS X Mavericks in VirtualBox

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and i have problem installing any OSX on my laptop using VirtualBox. My host is a linux box with archlinux 64 bit using Asus N750JV - T4069H Intel i7 - 4700HQ and NVIDIA GT 750M usinv Virtualbox 4.38 (i alreday read the workaround) . No matter wich OSX I try to install (tried allv versions of haclkboot.iso with diferent iso images) my installation stops immediatly after I hit f5 and a message appears wich seems me it indicates a problem with the uuid of the disk (see attached image). Is this problem related to my asus pc?, or with linux or what else? I spent lot of days googling but found nothing about this- Thx for any help EnumaElis