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    voodoohda auto-switch problems

    Hey styrian, Indeed i forgot about posting my HW specs, there my ioreg and my dump.txt uploaded from dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/83kz1460i1rxlxs/MacBookProdeUgo.iojones https://www.dropbox.com/s/up25big0ebyc7eh/dump.txt My boot loader is clover EFI and this is a MacBookPro 8,1 intel i3 1,4GHz, my mb is a x201e. (laptop mb) My sound chip is HD Audio controller alc269vb, codecID 0x6902EC10 Yes i tried to edit my headphone node in the NodeToPatch section in the info.plist but nothing.. But i ve heard that voodoohda didn't support auto-switch as applehda, did it? Hopefully this will help you more finding a solution
  2. Hey guys!, There 2 weeks now i did a success install of voodoohda on my hackintosh running osx 10.9.4, all my outputs (exept hdmi one) are working and the sound appears to be in a good quality. Actually the only probleme i have is about auto-switch: when i plug in headphone into my laptop the sound should go out from my headphone output but it stuck on the speaker one.. Im always forced to manually switch outputs.. Does anyone have a suggestion to solve that? PS: sorry for being lame at speaking english but im french in real. Hopefully you guys will bring me a solution
  3. Uboss

    Audio output doesn't change automatically!

    I've got the same problem, it doesnt work either, even with a patched voodoohda, editing NodeToPatch in info.plist. Does anybody get it works? Im using 2.8.4 versiion