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  1. hmm.. two contradicting answers... any more? Is there any way to have a full encrypted disk with an hackintosh?
  2. Hi there, well - is it possible to use the new filevault option to encrypt the whole disk in Lion on a hackintosh? Thanks! Lion
  3. OSXLion

    OSX86 & PGP Disk Encryption?

    Hi, well if I use osx86 again I will do that for sure. The thing is that I turned my back to OSX and OSX86 because of the lack of a disk enryption. That is something I realy need! But now there is a full disk encryption tool available for OSX and I would love to use it with an hackintosh. Did realy no one ever try to get it to work? wouldn't it be awsome if we could encrypt our OSX installation? Thanks Lion
  4. OSXLion

    OSX86 & PGP Disk Encryption?

    My problem is that i do not have a osx86 installation anymore and that I only want to go back to osx86 if i could do such a full encryption. right now i run ubuntu on a fully encrypted drive. Furthermore, I guess that PGP Disk Encryption writes a custom boot process on the disk and one has to do some tricking around with cameleon. So I would not be able to figure it out myself. so that is why i ask. maybe someone already gave it a try. or heard about it. or... It should be important for everyone here. Guess most of you prefere authorities not to find the osx installation on your harddisk Edit: there is a second full disk encryption solution: http://www.checkpoint.com/products/datasecurity/pc/ edit2: someone tried, but as i thought he failed because of the booting problem... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1182951 best lion
  5. Hi, is it possible to enrypt the whole system disk running 10.5 osx86? PGP Disk Encryption can do this with any intel mac, but is it also possible when i have a osx86 machine or would that result in conflicts with the efi emulation? see: http://www.pgp.com/products/wholediskencryption/index.html Anyone ever tried this out? thanks Lion
  6. OSXLion

    Logic Pro 8 with an unsopported card?

    why don't you get a supported card for 30EUR and save yourself the pain?
  7. is it possible to use nvidia HybridPower like in the mb pro? best Lion
  8. Hi netkas, what about energy consumption? Is the second card (in your case 4850) consuming full power while you run osx? is the fan spinning fast? can you (or someone else) mesure energy consumption somehow, maybe with and without the "gaming" card pluged in? thx and best Lion
  9. in order to access each others file system you need macdrive for windows (HTFS+ driver) and macfuse/ntfs-3g for mac. Get MacFuse here: http://code.google.com/p/macfuse/ NTFS-3G here (use the ublio release, it is a lot faster): http://macntfs-3g.blogspot.com/ Install both, reboot and be happy to read/write to all NTFS partitions. Get macdrive for windows if you need it the other way around as well. best Lion
  10. OSXLion

    Zugriffsrechte lassen sich nicht reparieren

    Das habe ich schon gemacht... hat aber leider auch nichts geändert. lg Lion
  11. Hallo, da mein Hackintosh total gesponnen hat und ich beim Festplatte reparieren immer irreparable b-raum header fehler hatte, habe ich jetzt mein System mit dem TM Backup zurückgespielt. die Festplatte (es ist eine Samsung F1 750GB) habe ich mit HUTIL getestet. Sie hat keine Fehler. Passt so weit ich sehen kann alles, aber wenn ich die Zugriffsrechte kontrolliere bzw reparieren möchte, erscheint immer folgende Meldung: Kann mir jemand helfen und sagen, was das ist, ob ich bedenken deswegen haben muss und wie ich es eventuell beheben kann? Danke und lg Lion
  12. Hi, I have the same problem. I am using three HDD, one for Vista (MBR), XP(MBR) and leopard (GUID). I want to set my Windows Vista HDD (MBR) as startup disk in BIOS and then have a menu to select wether I want to start Vista or from my leopard disk (GUID). I tried to do this with easyBCD. Howeer, this seems to work only for MBR OSX installations. Is there any solution for GUID OSX? Thanks Lion
  13. OSXLion

    YouTube.com Videos hängen sich auf?!?!

    Ist denn deine Grafik sonst voll suported? Also hast du QE und CI Hardwarebeschleunigung? lg Lion
  14. OSXLion

    YouTube.com Videos hängen sich auf?!?!

    für mich hört sich das eher nach einem problem von youtube bzw deinem provider an. läd das video überhaupt schnell genug? siehst du an dem grauen balken.