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  1. LCD monitor vs LCD TV for Hackintosh ?

    Yes, but looking at specifications (resolution, contrast, timming), will it be very different the experience using as PC monitor ?
  2. LCD monitor vs LCD TV for Hackintosh ?

    Hello again, I am just reading specifications again, and I think both of them are monitors, not LCD TV. The first with better quality, and the second with worse quality, but many connectors and DTT. Am I wrong ? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, I'm quite new posting, but I follow you since much time ago. I'm considering to install a Hackintosh. I have decided all components, but monitor. Is there much difference between a LCD monitor and a LCD TV with similar specs ? I'm deciding betweeen LG W2453V-PF monitor and LG M237WD-PZ TV. Apart from 24" vs 23", 2ms vs 5ms and 50000:1 vs 20000:1, everything else is similar, but LCD TV has more connectors, DTT and can be used as a TV or to play Wii. Prize is very similar too. What should I do ? Maybe I shouldn't mix a TV for a Hackintosh, but as i said, specs "seems" quite similar, and TV is quite more functional. I pretend to use the computer for nomal usage, nor picture desing neither professional use. Just browse, email, see H264 movies, youtube videos... and so on. Thanks in advance