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  1. Any ideas on my ethernet problem yet? I restored the original kext and I'm gonna try modifying the plist again, but it will probably still not work.
  2. I am running Leo 10.5.2 Kalyway(vanilla kernel, mbr efi), only kext that is different from stock is IOPCIFamily.kext, which I got from this very thread. It's what fixed my wireless.
  3. I have tried many different things to try to get the 88e8038 to work, and all have failed. I'm on an acer 3680 with a Yukon fast ethernet adapter. I've double and redouble checked my plist editing several times, and I just can't seem to figure out what's wrong. I edited the appleyukon and appleyukon 2 plists in IONetworkingFamily.kext, I've replaced the appleyukon binary with another one that was mentioned in another thread, and I've probably done other things I can't even remember. Can somebody else with a 3680 describe to the letter what was done to make it work?
  4. Terminal question

    They are both mounted.
  5. Terminal question

    I'm doing this from the installation cd, hopefully it will allow me to do it. [edit] No, it isn't letting me do it. I also tried using sudo and it says command not found. It tells me, No such file or directory when I'm absolutely sure it's there.
  6. Terminal question

    So, I would for example use cp -r /Voumes/Tiger/file.file /Volumes/Leopard/file2.file ? Basically what my issue is is that for the graphics update, I have to back up AppleIntegratedFramebuffer.kext and restore it after the update. Right now I'm trying to restore it. I copied the kext to the root of my Tiger partition and now I can't figure out how to copy it back to Leopard as AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext
  7. Terminal question

    How do I copy a file *using terminal* from one partition to another partition on the same drive?
  8. Desktop GMA950 now works after graphics update!

    I'm in terminal right now and basically what I got is a partition for Tiger and a partition for Leopard. I have the old kext on the root of the Tiger partition. What do I put in Terminal to copy/paste it over? In the command prompt it would be C: D: etc. but what is it in terminal? [edit] My tiger installation is currently broke, otherwise I'd just boot in to Tiger to fix it.
  9. Graphics update

    Yes, I am, I get tearing all the time lol. I use adobe flash a lot and it's so much harder to work in that program when half the time you aren't sure what tool you're set to xD
  10. [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    Read the first post in the thread, I modified it with some short instructions on how to get it working.
  11. Graphics update

    Alright well after reinstalling Leopard, running the combo update, installing the new vanilla kernel, rebooting and installing the graphics update I am still having the same problem. Blank light blue screen. I repaired permissions along every step of the way so that can't be the problem. It gets past the loading screen just fine every time so verbose mode doesn't do me any good. Any ideas?
  12. Graphics update

    Nevermind, I ended up just reinstalling it.
  13. Graphics update

    Unfortunately this does not fix my problem. I can't boot--period. It stays at that blank light blue screen with no activity whatsoever. So, since I can't boot, how would I install the new kernel to fix the problem?
  14. Graphics update

    Oh {censored} sorry haha, I used to have it in my sig but I guess I removed it xD http://www.achilleustechnologies.com/schtuff.tiff