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  1. Why doesn't the installer package include an option to install to the EFI system partition?
  2. Wait a second...in post #13 you said: "Just some extra info: EFI DUET can be installed to a FAT32 partition on the hard drive. I have it installed on a 512 MB partition and I have GRUB chainloading that partition. So no more sticking out of an ugly USB drive on my computer." Now you are saying FAT32 won't work. Did you format the partition with FAT16? I haven't gotten the hard drive boot to work myself although I only spent a very limited amount of time trying to do so. I keep getting "MBR FAIL! ERR 80" or something like that when I try imaging a work USB-DUET partition onto a hard drive. It's too bad the "genbootsector" utility (or was it "bootsectorimage"?) won't work with fixed drives although that limitation is easily overcome using "dd" or even "Winhex". I suppose somebody could hack up the source code to fix that but I am no coder so it won't be me. In a related vein I was thinking it may be possible to create a UEFI payload that could be directly loaded by GRUB.
  3. MSI X58 Pro with i7 920

    I've got the same problem with my MSI X58 Platinum SLI. It panics with Voodoo kernel 9.5 and the 9.7 kernel Mercurysquad of the Voodoo dev team recommends as a stopgap until Voodoo V2 is released. Trying to run my previously fine OS X 10.5.6 install inside of VMware produces a "Virtual Machine kernel stack fault". I can get the XXX 10.5.6 distro to boot by using the boot arguments "-x busratio=20". I guess I will attempt to create a parallel installation and see if that will install and boot up afterwards. If this is successful I will try to determine the differences between this installation and my previous 10.5.6 installation which was created using iDeneb 10.5.6. My previous hardware setup was a Opteron 165 on a DFI Lanparty UT. My current setup is a MSI Platinum SLI with a 920 i7 CPU with the harddrives running in AHCI mode. The video card in both instances is an MSI Geforce 9500.
  4. I'm not sure if this has already been posted or if this is the best place to post this (maybe the virtualization forum would be better?) but the latest alpha builds of 7-zip on Windows are able to open Mac OS X pkg (both gzip and xar based) files as well as dmg and HFS images. Now there is FREE and easy way to open and extract the contents of pkg files as well as dmg files within Windows.