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    Asus Z87-Deluxe & 4770K - A Guide to Mavericks

    Thanks, Toleda. That seems to have done the trick even with the 1003 BIOS. I'm not certain if it's the table dropping or the "on-the-fly" patching that remove of the two lines as indicated in the reference in my original post. I didn't explicitly use Pike's script in this case but, instead, use the SSDT generated bundled with MacIASL. Presumably, it does the same thing. My hats off to you! Thanks!
  2. fishermansfriend

    Asus Z87-Deluxe & 4770K - A Guide to Mavericks

    Hi all, I have the Asus z87i-deluxe (same board as Toleda) with a Haswell 4770 (non-k) processor. I pretty much have everything working with Mavericks and Clover except I haven't be able to get sleep working properly. I have a problem similar to the one posted here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/296650-h87i-plus-sleep-reboot-problems/ in that my machine will shut down but then wake almost immediately...then sleep, then wake, then sleep, then reboot. I've installed a DSDT that has been patched with Toleda's 8-compile-clean patch and removing the lines indicated in the post above but it still does the same. I've tried numerous permutations of the BIOS configuration to no avail. I have only the FakeSMC.kext installed in addition to the required drivers for ethernet/bluetooth/audio. What I do know is that pmset -g and pmset -g assertions seem to indicate the mds.store, aps, UserAgentEvent, etc. are preventing the sleep (with a sleep failure code of 0x1f006700). Does anyone have sleep actually working with this motherboard (BIOS rev 1003) and Clover? If so, could you provide the BIOS settings and/or give some hints on what kexts/patches are required? I've got Clover generating C-/P- states (or in various combinations without), an SSDT generated from ssdprgen (MacIASL), and, based on what I've read, the AICPM kext isn't really relevant for for Haswell PM but is, instead, managed via Xnu CPM. Thanks!