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  1. Because mac is spelled Mac. lol.
  2. Cairo

    I love the look, very nice.
  3. Covers i've done

    I've done a Green Day cover and a Fall Out Boy Acoustic cover, and here they are. feedback please =] http://www.mediafire.com/?1vghjlshjzw
  4. http://innermindmedia.com/dock_doctor_app.html
  5. Click this button and *BSoD appear* boom.
  6. Hey, For christmas i want a new iPod, I currently have a 5gen. I have 8gbs of music, and 2gbs or so of video, im not really for "picking what music i want to go on my ipod" and my library will most likely grow... I like the iPod touch cause it's more than just an iPod, the touch ability, the design, ect ect. But the size is a problem, 16 gb i mean. or i can get a classic, it has more space...and stuff... help?
  7. Blackness

    keystrokes? >.> what is that? EDIT: nevermind! I fixed! yay
  8. Blackness

    Well i was bored so i went on my parents computer and was installing a windows xp theme when i dunno what i did but when i applied the theme it basically made everything black / non seeable. can you help me fix this? lol. thanks my moms gonna yell at me...lol...should kept its mac theme xD
  9. Give me those skull icon things and how to do them cause like, i forgot. kthx
  10. Mighty Wtf..

    Okay like, my mighty mouse will not scroll up, side to side yes, but not up. plz help.
  11. opera logo

    Best. Typo. Ever.