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  1. I'm interested in the Guest Additions for Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard in virtual box This running in Windows 7 - AMD processor on a Gigabyte 970A-UD3 motherboard.... I've tried the one that comes with the recent version of VirtualBox and it will not install.... It keeps complaining about finding the correct library path... where is your version or copy of Guest Additions located ? Is it available for download ? any help would be appreciated....
  2. I'm trying to install Mac OSX Lion in Virutalbox on an AMD PC with a Gigabyte 970A-UD3 motherboard with AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.40 GHZ processor... with Nvidia GeForce 8400GS video card, and 16 gigs of ram.... I downloaded as instructed in the tutorials and tried to install iATKOS_L2 but got a kernel panic -> Voodoo rtclock_init panic..(I posted a picture) All the posts were closed so I could not respond directly to the link where the tutorial was posted... I'm not sure how to proceed from here and would really love to have OSX running on my AMD pc.... Are there any other working installs using virtualbox on an AMD windows PC...? Even Snow Leopard would be fine for starters.... Thanks...
  3. Nevermind I found them... Now I just have to figure out which one is for OS X Mountain Lion... thanks...
  4. I hear you but what is the procedure to go about swapping the kernel and then installing Mac OS X .... So far all I hear is that it is possible but nobody has supplied the steps necessary to produce this magic... All I'm asking for are the steps to perform this... Thanks
  5. Hi, a newbie here... I'm mostly a PC person but dabble with MACs somewhat with average knowledge... I have an AMD based PC with AM3+ processor / Gigabyte motherboard running Windows 7 Pro 64bit, and I've installed Oracle VirtualBox with one intention being to install and use Mac OSX Mountain Lion or maybe Lion... I've found tutorials online but they only work for Windows PC's with an intel processor so I began searching for the possiblity of still being able to run on AMD based machine and found this site. I found several patches for AMD and am familiar with the various 3rd party bootloaders like darwin, iatkos, etc. In addition to my Win 7 PC, I also have another AMD PC running Win XP, a Mac G5 tower, a Mac Pro tower, a Mac Book Pro laptop, and a intel Mac Mini... and several miscellaneous PC laptops.... I have upgraded and installed Mac OSX Mountain Lion on my Mac Pro Tower using Darwin....as well as dual booting both Win XP and Win 7 on it as well... so my questions are -> Can I use the AMD patch to install Mac OS X in Oracle Virtualbox which is my primary intention at the moment ? How do I use this AMD patch that I have found ? any help would be appreciated.... thanks...
  6. Hi, a newbie here... I'm mostly a PC person but have some or average knowledge of Mac. I have an AMD based PC with AM3+ processor / Gigabyte motherboard, and installed VIrtualBox to run Mac OSX 10.7 and 10.8 on my machine in the emulator. First question, can I use the AMD patch to get this done and how do I use the patch to patch OSX 10.8 or 10.7 which I'm trying to install. I've looked thru the standard installs I've found online and they all say that AMD processors are not supported in running OSX in Virtualbox on a PC (64bit). I'm running WIndows 7 Pro.... I've looked thru some of the postings here and didn't see any obvious instructions so i decided to post. Any help would be appreciated or a point in the right direction... thanks