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  1. Love the program, with a few issues

    OK I have created and run the batch file. However, one instance of InputRemapper remains in Task Manager (InputRemapper.x86.exe, under my user name). Anything I need to do to include this in the .bat file? Thank you
  2. Love the program, with a few issues

    Thanks- A couple of questions. With virtualization, does the fan have better control than with Boot Camp? I don't know how to create a .bat file. Could you kindly give a quick once-over, and I will Google for the rest? Will this .bat file only initiate under virtualization, but not under Boot Camp? Will this .bat file shut down all three forms of InputRemapper found under Task Manager? Thanks again for your time!
  3. I finally switched from my beloved Thinkpad and Windows XP, to a sparkling new MBP 17, with Boot Camp and Parallels. I have always loved the Mac OS (my first computer was a Mac, but I had to switch for software associated with my profession), and am very happy to have the opportunity to jump back in now. This program has really helped with the transition, allowing me to keep Windows XP for the professional software. I like: The fan controls The backlight controls The key remapping (of course) But I have a few issues to address: 1. I have the same problem saving settings as others have described 2. InputRemapper.x86.exe uses a lot of system resources. At idle, I see between 5 and 25 percent of CPU in Task Manager. When I start a new program, I see up to 70 percent of CPU usage! 3. When I select the tray icon, then 'Configure', I get a short list, but nothing is selectable. Is this expected behavior? Of these, 1. is an annoyance, but 2. is a major concern. Any suggestions?