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  1. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Freaky, 10.6.4 is out, not a beta. Should appear in your Apple Software Updater. And I don't use sleepenabler, I installed following this thread to the letter, and have not had a single problem so far. Thank you all!
  2. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    10.6.4 anyone? Can we update safely? Thanks!
  3. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Ok nevermind- Solved it changing /Extra/smbios.plist to MacPro instead of iMac. Thanks anyway!
  4. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Hi, First of all thank you all, specially BlackCH, DB1 and Bikinifarm. Without all you efforts and sharing my hackintosh experience would have been surely worse. I have installed BlackCH's P5k-VM bootdisk following all instructions carefully (I think it has a typo -misses a comma between the two Pstate strings in the example-, don't know if that matters). I have upgraded to DSDT 3.3 and fakesmc 2.5. P5k-VM barebone flashed with stock P5k-VM bios 1001. Only thing that fails is sound. I hear a cracking noise when booting (before login screen), and every time the sound device "wakes up", for example when it has been idle some time, when I copy a file and that triggers the "copied" sound. It does it on every output (internal speakers, line out, headphones). Otherwise than that sound is great, and I have microphone, which I didn't have with VoodooHDA. Pls help, it's the only thing that keeps me from having a perfect vanilla 10.6.2!
  5. ALC889A Driver ?

    I'm glad to help mafis90, this forum saved my life more than once.
  6. ALC889A Driver ?

    Install VoodooHDA on S/L/E and it should work. (won't work on E/E). --> And execute Kext Utility before rebooting.
  7. GeForce 8500 GT 512 en 10.5.5

    Tienes que poner el EFI string de la tarjeta de vídeo. Descarga OSXtools o EFI Studio.
  8. Lag en mouse despues de acutalizar a 10.5.6

    Una solución es hacer un downgrade de Quicktime, por lo visto funciona y es fácilmente reversible. Os dejo el enlace al foro en inglés donde aparece la solución: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;st=420 saludetes
  9. 10.5.6 Released!

    Thanks Maclancer, I have an ASUS barebone with ASUS P5K-VM motherboard that has integrated VIA Firewire, it was working well on 10.5.5 with Voodoo kernel. Now Firewire is gone... (working with PcEfiv9 with Netkas instructions and dsdt.aml) Hope someone find a fix.
  10. 10.5.6 Released!

    Firewire anyone?
  11. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Thank you DB1! I have managed to make it work. Now I have the firewire problem... Do someone know a fix for this?
  12. [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Hi, I have updated to 10.5.6 with Netkas method and: -Lost Firewire ports -Lost Time Machine support (it says it cannot find integrated network adapter About Time Machine error, Console says this: 16/12/08 1:11:07 System Preferences[343] Time Machine: Error setting backup path: Error Domain=com.apple.TimeMachine.Preferences Code=-1 UserInfo=0x26e11720 "Time Machine no se ha podido configurar porque no se encuentra la interfaz de red integrada." 16/12/08 1:11:07 [0x0-0x2f02f].com.apple.systempreferences[343] _CSBackupGetMachineMACAddress - IOServiceGetMatchingServices did not find an ethernet service with kIOPrimaryInterface true Some ligth on this? Thanks in advance...