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  1. Please smartie, can you give me some hints about how to make the vga port to work? I simply have a black screen, no recognition. What could be the reason? Do you know how can I solve it? Thanks a lot
  2. I've managed to fix the gray screen. Now webcam is not working anymore (after the update). Do you think a rollback to previous kext is suitable? in that case which is the kext?
  3. hi smartie! I've updated to 10.7.2 using the new ati kexts you posted, but I have gray screen at the boot. What it could be? Thanks
  4. Hi smartie! Your guide was the only one with which I manage to get Lion finally well installed on my Hp dv6! Thanks! Do you have any news about how to solve the cpus=1 issue so far? That is the only way i have to avoid the apci kernel panic! Please let us know! Best
  5. ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    I will be that one! Great!!
  6. ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    will that work on m-audio audiophile 2496 pci ?
  7. ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    Hey Audiowriter! It's all right? are you still on working? I hope so man! you are the only one who can save us! We are all intrested on having your news! Let us know if we can help you in any way! We appreciate your work! thanks again!
  8. ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    hi audiodriverwriter! here the same.. interested in driver too!! can you tell us your situation about compiling? thankyou!!
  9. deadbeef phantom

    Hi all, surfing the whole forum i've noticed that there still no answer to the memory allocation issue causing the impossibility to install from boot dvd. Since many of us accused this frustrating problem, i suppose (even i'm not an expert) that maybe the problem is not been caused by wrong hardware/bios configuration.. From my poor point of view this is really a black hole, can anyone give an explanation with a possible resolution of this problem? thanks! memory allocation error (0xdeadbeef, 0x0) message screened during dvd boot dvd: iDeneb v1.1 10.5.4 amd Athlon x64 dual core 4200+ ram 2 gb ddr2 533mhz mobo asus m2n-e video nvidia geforce 7300gs