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  4. Stransform

    Dell Inspiron 7558 Patching Audio DSDT Errors!

    Hi! I'm just bumping this one again if someone has a solution for this. Thanks
  5. Stransform

    Dell Inspiron 7558 Patching Audio DSDT Errors!

    Hi there! I have found a version of MaciASL with ACPI 6.1. I have less errors now but I still am getting one, "Name already exists in scope (_DSM)". I am wondering if anyone could help me out here! Thanks
  6. Stransform

    Dell Inspiron 7558 Patching Audio DSDT Errors!

    Hi! I can't seem to find MaciASL's latest version. I have checked RehabMan's page but it doesn't seem to be there. I also have read more about MaciASL and DSDT's but I still don't get what is wrong with my DSDT.
  7. Hi! I have recently been able to install Mac OS X El Capitan onto my Dell Inspiron 7558. I am very happy but I am having a problem with audio, and I'm trying one last thing before I have to (sadly) go back to Windows. I have Realtek ALC 255, I know it's supported and uses Audio ID 3 but the problem I am having is compiling my DSDT. I have already try to search the internet, but I'm not getting a resolution. I haven't done DSDT work before, I have only read about it. Anyways, the reason I came here today is to ask how or if someone can help me fix these errors that I am getting error code 6126 with various errors: I am using RehabMan's Laptop Patches Github. The specific file is under Audio and is audio_HDEF-layout3.txt. I am wondering what I can do to get this DSDT fix, I have been trying to solve my no sound issue for almost a week now, and I'm getting really inpatient at the moment. I have tried decompiling it again, and have also downloaded the latest iasl version. I'm using MaciASL 5.1. Thanks! Stransform EDIT: I can't seem to upload files so I'm going to leave a Google Drive link. I'm not sure if that is not allowed, if it is not I will remove it immediately. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_ugSfp4UtLWcWg1bHNyWlFNcWc/view?usp=sharing- DSDT.aml https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_ugSfp4UtLWUUR6NjB5ajNxbnc/view?usp=sharing- DSDT.dsl EDIT 2: I found the version of MaciASL with ACPI 6.1. Now I'm getting just one error "Name already exists in scope (_DSM)"
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