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  1. Hi bolly Sorry, I never did get the sound working. Upgrading hardware again so I will probably not get back to 10.4.10 but go strait to leopard. Wish tubgirl would put out a leopard, I reallly like her/his work. Guess I will have to wait for Kalyway or iAtkos to get around to AMD support. I do not understand why so many techies still use intel. Do they just not remember the dirty tricks Intel has played on everybody in the past? Or do they just not care. So sad. Did you upgrade BIOs yet? You should be at 1.7. Made a big diff for me. Hey have you tried the new arctic pwm fans? cheap, quite, move a good bit of air and they CHAIN. I am running 2 and a sith kana from my CPU pwm socket. Love it, I can forget about that stupid fan controller. Just wish the screw holes went through, can't use rubber screws with them.
  2. Kaly I like what I have read about your 10.5.1, especially what you have done with GUID and EFI. If we are ever to get rid of MBR then GUID/EFI both need to be easy to install and to use. Unfortunatly your "official" version seems to be Intel only and as much as I really want to try it out I dislike Intel almost as much as I dislike Microsoft. So I want to ask, is there going to be an AMD release? If so is there an approximate ETA? Thanx Steve Lee Multiboot: LastXP 17.1.1 Vista Ultimate Ubuntu 7.10 OSX Tubgirl 10.4.10 (Separate drive, MBR Partition) No patches installed or needed. Motherboard Manufacturer: MSI Model: K9N Diamond Bios Version: 1.7 Chipset: • North Bridge: NVIDIA® nForce 590 SLI Chipset • South Bridge: NVIDIA® MCP55PXE Chipset Audio: onboard Soundblaster • Chipset integrated by Creative ® CA0106 - 24-bit / 96 KHz audio quality CPU Model Number: AMD® Athlon 64 x2 6000+ Recognised as: 3GHz Memory/DDR: 2 GB (2x1) DDR2 800 MHz Video Manufacturer: EVGA Model: e-GeForce 8600GTS (nVidia 8600GTS chipset) Bus Type: PCIe x16 Memory: 512MB, 128 bit DDR3
  3. try tubgirl 10.4.10 worked great for me. MSI K9N diamond mobo ADM athlon 64 X2 +6000 evga nvidea geforce 8600gts 512mb Now if I can just get leopard to work. Luck Steve