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  1. (surface2osx) Hey guys, Finally decided I would get some internet on my OSX partition, so I went and got an Asus N13 (B1) I've had a few tries at the NullEthernet install with various guides, but haven't had much success. After installing the kext & injector kext and following the other steps previous to this, I have no new adaptors available to me when i go to re-add them in the network preferences. Anyone else have experience or advice with this issue?
  2. I had audio lag until i fixed my permissions. Cant say if that was the fix for sure but my 10.9.1 has been running like a dream since
  3. I had a whole lot of trouble getting Clover Configurator to mount my my EFI partition too, so i just did it manually.. open up terminal and type: diskutil list find the partition on disk 0 which is called 'EFI', in my case it was disk0s2. then type: mkdir /volumes/efi to make a directory to mount the EFI partition, then: sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s2 /volumes/efi that will mount your EFI partition, which will now show up in finder. Copy over your Clover folder and backup/replace bootmgfw.efi and your ready to rock. PS. in windows with the OSX USB you created inserted will reveal the EFI partition, so you can grab CLOVERx64 with which to replace the bootmgfw.efi as explained donannis previously PSS/rant. it seems a massive oversight that Clover Configurator is distributed with a web installer! this have me a headache
  4. Introduce yourself.

    Hey there peeps, Great community you guys have here, incredibly helpful. Ive been playing around with hackintoshs since snow leopard, and just successfully got my Surface Pro 2 dual booting with 10.9, loving it ! I see a few users are having some troubles with this specific build, so i signed up to offer some advice Goodluck to everyone here, may your hackintosh adventures be prosperous !