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  1. ludeboy12

    Change the GUI (theme) in Leopard 9A241

    hmm....i've used get info to change the permissions and its still not letting me save the plist.
  2. ludeboy12

    Installation fails on PPC G4 Mac mini...

    i got the same thing when trying to boot....
  3. ludeboy12

    Adiumx 0.90 Cvs Intel Build (stable!)

    so what whats wrong with simply downloading adiumx from thier website....thats what i did and soo far it seems to be working fine.... though i have no sound so i cant test that out.....also i havnt tried any file transfers but so far so good....
  4. ludeboy12

    dfi nf4 success.....

    ok well i got things going pretty smoothly actually..... dont have a dvd burner here so i just loaded up VMware....and setup a new virt maching using my 2nd hardrive as its virtual drive (doesnt sound right but hopefully u get my point) anyways then i just mounted the generic install dvd w/ daemon tools and booted it in VMware and installed..... very simple and painless actually..... only dissapointing thing really is lack of video support (1280x1024 on a 23" lcd just isnt cool) and also the fact that shapeshifter doesnt work do to rosetta or whatever kinda sux too.... everything is pretty cool....oh and i havnt gotten my sound going either, damn SB audigy..... whatever its cool none the less triple booting xp, osx86, and vista......hehe system specs: Dfi nf4 ultra-d amd 64 venice 3200 mushkin redline 2x512 evga 7800gtx KO sb audigy 2 intel giga ethernet card vapochill ls
  5. ludeboy12

    I need all the ATI kexts!!!

    um how exactly did you delete ur kexts so you could boot normally?? id really like to try that as im having display mismatch issues.... thanx in advance