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  1. I have an HP Media Center m1180n PC. I want to install either Snow Leopard or Lion on it (along with Tiger just to do it). Can they run on my PC? This is what I have: ACPI-enabled ASUS motherboard with AMI BIOS v3.28 (1/23/2006) 32-bit unicore 2-threaded Pentium IV @ 3.4GHz (supports MMX and SSE1-3) 1GB DDR1 RAM RADEON X300 graphics card (it's horrible; was supposed to be a GeForce 9600 GTX but the power box couldn't power it) no floppy drive a generic CD/DVD drive numerous USB 2.0 ports and a firewire port a generic High Definition Audio Device (which I'm guessing means I have an on-board sound card) a PCI Soft Modem a WinTV TV tuner card a USB Logitech laser mouse a standard Dell PS/2 keyboard an IDE 240GB hard drive with 3 partitions: 26GB for Vista, 200GB for XP, 6GB reserved as an OEM recovery partiton also connected is a 465GB SATA hard drive that is used to store user data on. Used to be a Vista drive on a now-dead PC and still contains the OS files on it a media expansion bay Should OSx86 be able to run on this at native speed? What is the highest Mac OS X version that can run on this? Also, is it possible to dual-boot OSx86 with my current triboot configuration (Vista, XP, Windows XP Recovery Console and probably soon, Debian)? Thanks, WindozeNT EDIT: I had no choice in the hardware and currently am unable to upgrade any of it. This was basically a hand-me-down PC.