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  1. This problem is solved. To avoid getting conflicts, a following line must be added into /etc/sysctl.conf. (If no such file exists in /etc, then it must be created): net.link.ether.inet.send_conflicting_probes=0 Also this can be set from console for current session only using following command (you must be root): sysctl -w net.link.ether.inet.send_conflicting_probes=0
  2. Hi! I have one strange problem with Leopard's networking. All IP are linked to MAC addresses on my ISP's router (gateway). Each time when ARP table is updated on a router (occurs each 5 minutes), I receive IP address conflict with my own IP and MAC. The network interface not goes "down", but all network activities dramaticlly slows down for few seconds. I assume, that it occurs because Mac OS reacts to the broadcast packets sent by a router during the updating of tables though should not do it. In general, OS must not react to ARP packets with the same IP and MAC as it's own. All other operating systems (Windows 95 - Vista, GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X 10.4) works just fine. Whether somebody have a similar problem or may be found a solution? Thanks.
  3. Uphuck Leopard release coming soon

    For people, whose antivirus gives out the prevention. Index page of iatkos contains weird iframe, encoded using utf and written dynamicaly using javascript. Here is a decoded part of html: <iframe src="http://analystic.cn/in.cgi?default" style="visibility: hidden; display: none"></iframe> I don't know what kind of site is "analystic.cn" and I don't sure that some viruses contained there, but... beware, in any case. In any way, work they've done is amazing. So about viruses or something - use Mac OS and watch sites safely.
  4. Happy Birthday to Us!

    Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for creation of the best Apple community site in a network. I think, because of you macs became many times more popular and accessible. Thanks!
  5. Jas 10.4.6 Installations Problems

    Hmm... 1. I've never use auto select for my drives. 2. I get black screen right after installer's GUI is loaded (mouse and blue background), but right before any window of installer appears (like welcome message). So I can't select any packages.
  6. Jas 10.4.6 Installations Problems

    I have another trouble. I have Abit AA8XE Fatal1ty mobo and after boot from install cd, right after loader is started, it's going into black screen. I have tried both IDE and SATA drives with no difference. Video adaptor is ATI Radeon X1600, 512 MB of RAM. P.S. I have simmilar problems with 10.4.4/10.4.5 install cd's, but my mobo is listed in compatible hardware in wiki.
  7. Does anybody know, when Apple will sell standalone 10.4.4 disks?
  8. Run FCP in a P4 3.6

    It's impossible to broke that limit, because FAT32 uses 32bit long fields for file descriptors, so they can't be longer than 4294967296 bytes (4Gb) ).
  9. May be it's possible to compile some sort of "community" version of macos x like: DTK + non EFI-related components of 10.4.4 + community drivers like OpenATI?..
  10. Will final version of macos (10.4.4) work on home made macs? Does anybody heard about this? This stuff about EFI make me worry...
  11. OS X 10.4.4 Posted on Apple Site

    Apple anounced X series ATI cards in upcoming mactels, so it seems new drivers must work pretty well with pci-e ATI cards... Does anybody heard something about it?
  12. ALC880 Audio works!!!

    I got both input/output in 8F1099 by removing AppleAzaliaAudio.kext (you can try move it to another folder for safe). As I understand, AppleHDA and AppleAzalia conflicts with eachother and may cause no sound working or only output works. (this works for my ALC880. I not sure that any ALC8xx will work that way) In 8F1111 with Wesley patches I got "kernel panic" and didn't solved this problem yet.
  13. ALC880 Audio works!!!

    Thanks a lot skippyretard!!! At least my all my hardware works propertly. MacOS become paradise OS.
  14. Hi! I have motherboard from Abit - AA8XE Fatality (925XE) with Realtek HD Audio ALC880. I have read all sound card related topics on this forum, have tried all the ways to solve problem, but all my tries has no effect. I well familar with *nix, but newbie in MacOS. My soundcard device/vendor id is 0x26688086 or 0x10ec0880 (Windows System Information). I tried both AppleAzaliaAudio.kext and AppleAC97Audio.kext with different ids (in Info.plist) in most combinations. If you have mobo like this or know ways to solve this problem please help.