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  1. alamoa

    Running Hackintosh in public place

    This is part of an experimental project to investigate the possibilities of use of new OSs in generic PC platforms
  2. alamoa

    released Update to 10.6.4

    Just to report that everything went fine see my sig
  3. Sure it can I have done several documentaries and short films in my two machines see the sig
  4. alamoa

    10.6.3 Released !

    Everything fine here see my sig
  5. My macbookpro suddenly shuts down after 5 minutes working with battery. I have resset pram, and smc. discharged and recharged the battery fully. Anyone have other suggestions? TIA Ps. it is an intel core duo and I had the battery replaced just after buying it.
  6. alamoa

    Should i get a real mac?

    A MacProHack + MacBookPro the best combination
  7. alamoa

    GTS 250 instalar

    nenhum problema comigo
  8. alamoa

    HP DV6000 HELP

    Serious, Notebooks need very special tweaks and lots of reading and dedication coupled with a ton of dedication. Do not give up
  9. alamoa

    HP DV6000 HELP

    Buy a macbook
  10. alamoa

    BONJOUR UPDATE 2010-001

    Installed without problems
  11. All working fine here. lokk at my sig
  12. Same thing here could not be easier the only thing is that it does not sxow qe/ci in system info but it is enabled
  13. Just to confirm a very easy install with lifehackers guide thanks again for the help with the MOBOs