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  1. Kalyway on Inspiron 8600

    Bump, I would like to know this also!
  2. New ToH/Netkas 9.2.0 Kernel

    I can't find his blog >.<
  3. Installing iLife '08 from disk?

    Gah I didn't want to get it from the "ususal" places >.> <.< I do have the disks that came with my dad's "new" iMac. He said his iMac came with ilife 08 but I can't find anything on the disks. I ran the install bundled software only bit but it said it couldn't be installed on my system (I run 10.5.2 kalyway)
  4. Installing iLife '08 from disk?

    How exactly do I install iLife from the leopard install DVD?
  5. Hey, is there a way for me to convert my GUID partition to MBR so I can install windows?
  6. Ok, I need help. Can ANYONE find me a guide to dual boot windows XP with macos with MACOS already installed on a GUID partition? (And I don't have to re-install) I am NOT good at searchig and have failed so far. Also, it would be awesome if there was a way to convert guid to mbr.
  7. Thanks! Uh... does anyone know how to get the bootloader that the acutal macs use?
  8. Yeah but I can't find any >.< The search on this forum is a piece of {censored}, I search anything with boot in it and I get a zillion threads about boot problems. Its like it ignores the other words. but about the front panel mic...?
  9. Thanks about the headphones, and I want to use bootcamp cause I used guid and don't know how to dual boot :< I'm not even a noob at this, I'm a nub. Oh, can you help me get the front panel MIC to work? It doesn't even show up anywhere.
  10. Noob here, how do I remove the appleviaata or whatever it is? I JUST got macos installed and then updated to 10.5.2 Thanks ^^
  11. I have the Ds3L... is there anyway to get front panel audio to work? And I forgot to do the factory reset bit, and went along and installed 10.5.2, sound, vidio, ahci fix, etc... what will happen if I do it now? And third, is there any way for me to get the Apple Boot Screen? The white one where you hold down control to get other boot options? Or is that not possible since PCs use BIOS? Oh, Does ANYONE know where Opera for Mac's data is stored? I'm trying to find where the profiles, mail, and all are (Application Data on windows) but no luck. Oh, how do I get bootcamp assistant to work? It keeps telling me You must update your computer's Boot ROM firmware before using this setup assistant .
  12. KALYWAY 10.5.1 DVD release (the official)

    I don't have another system... I'm using an old sh***y computer for forum work while it is incapasitated(sp)... Um, could it be because I have my processor overclocked? I don't see how considering it is a package verification failure... Or because I have an ide dvd drive installing to a sata HDD? I can give you my comp specs if it would help.
  13. KALYWAY 10.5.1 DVD release (the official)

    Nono, the zip and the iso BOTH match the md5...
  14. KALYWAY 10.5.1 DVD release (the official)

    But it matches the md5 and has happened twice!