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  1. Finaly Upgrade is done. (10.6.2 to 10.6.4) Yes ! Xbmc works like a charm ! Only one thing , I plug HDMI cable on my TV , and I have no sound over HMDI , the last bug. Do you have any idea how I can solve this issue ? I precise that I try the sduo -perl ..... presents in this thread and no result. Thk for your help.
  2. Thk for your answer. I wrote this message before to read all posts in this thread. I'm sorry ... Anyway , I'm again on 10.6.2, when I try to upgrade , I have always a KP....
  3. Have a look on this post : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...X%20F&st=09 Very simple to do. : -) For my part , I have one question: Before , my computer was on ubuntu 8.06 and xbmc can play all videos (1080P, 720, Divx , DVD..) without any problem. Now, with Snow Leopard Server, xbmc have so many slowdowns , HD videos can not be seeing on this plateform. Somebody have try to see HD movies with Xmbc ? Moreover , I don't know if the graphic acceleration is enable or not : In the System Profiler I can see these informations about my graphic card: NVIDIA ION 9400M: Chipset Model: NVIDIA ION 9400M Type: GPU Bus: PCI Slot: Internal VRAM (Total): 512 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x087d Revision ID: 0x00b1 ROM Revision: xx.xx.xx - internal Displays: L226W : Resolution: 1680 x 1050 @ 60 Hz Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888) Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Rotation: Supported Display Connector: Status: No Display Connected I'm on SL Server 10.6.2 with chameleon RC3. And mach_kernel for 10.6.2 (Memory 2GB ) Do you think 10.6.5 is better for graphics acceleration ?
  4. Hello Guys I'm sorry if it's not the good thread but you're experts with ATI Cards Do you think ATI 5870 2Go (With 6 MiniDisplayPort, adapters are included) will works well on Leopard ? I read on another thread there are sometimes problems with MiniDP on ATI 5870 1Go , it's my anxiety to have the same problems on the 2Go. :censored2: There is someone who have evaluated this configuration ? We can now have some discount prices for this model : (309€) http://www.cdiscount.com/informatique/cart...hd587acnf9.html Thk for your help
  5. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    hello I'm following this topic from beginning. I sell my GTX 460 today , because I need to have SL on my PC. I have my old 8800GTS inside now. But I want to know what is the best card-graphic for the moment ? GTX 470 or 5870 ? In few days , the new graphics cards of ATI will be out , shops will sell cut prices for the old ones? UPDATE: postponned by ATI What do you think about it ? Thk Sqalg
  6. Hello Il me reste une GIGABYTE 9600 GT FANLESS (DVI -VGA- HDMI) , je te la laisse pour 50e si ca te dit ?
  7. 10.6.4 Geforce 8800GT ==> Gefore 460 GTX

    Et on ne peut pas compter sur Nvidia sur ce coup la ?
  8. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Maybe with the new GTX 450 (GF104 chip) , drivers are coming soon ....
  9. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    I just read the release note . Could you test ?
  10. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Arf no compatibility with GTX 460 .......
  11. 10.6.4 Geforce 8800GT ==> Gefore 460 GTX

    en fait on peut soit disant faire une installation complète avec la GTX 460 , mais une fois sous Léopard la carte n'étant pas reconnue , la résolution est bridée à 1024. En plus , j'ai pris des kexts et des injections grahiques d'autres personnes pour ma 8800GT et je ne sais pas comment les enlever ? Merci de votre aide
  12. 10.6.4 Geforce 8800GT ==> Gefore 460 GTX

    Merci pour le thread , mais malheureusement (je suis déjà cette conversation) la GTX 460 n'est pas supportée Snif , bon je suis de mariage ce week end , j'essaie toutes les solutions proposées plus haut lundi soir. Bon week end
  13. 10.6.4 Geforce 8800GT ==> Gefore 460 GTX

    Personne n'aurait d'idée ? Personne n'a une GTX 460 installée sous SL ?