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  1. Hey guys, I copied all steps from the guide above and am able to boot into the installer without any boot flags. But something weird comes up in the very beginning of the installer being launched: A windows opens up called "OS X Utilities," which I assume is normal. I was able to successfully partition my hard drive for the install, but when I exit out of it, it brings me back to this utilities windows and I can't do anything from there. The applications listed in the box are: Restore From Time Machine backup, Reinstall OS X, Get Help Online and Disk Utilities. I figured "Reinstalling OS X" would be a sensible method of ultimately installing OS X, but of unfortunately when I click it, it brings up a window titled "Install OS X" and a dialogue box that says "This is not a supported method of installing the operating system. Please run install OS X Mavericks.app that you downloaded from the app store." And I don't know what to do from there. I'm thinking that maybe I should run the applet file from terminal manually with the open command. I'm also certain that the applet is embedded within the USB installer in its root. I've tried dragging it to the folder called applications in hope that it will show up in the box along with the other applications, but that hasn't succeeded. I'm trying to install Mavericks rev3 (10.9.3). Here's the sector of the error log that has to do with the reinstaller that I extracted: http://pastebin.com/ZgS13E3J Now I know it has to do with the applet. I'll look into it and tell what ever I find.