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  1. Thx 4 ur reply~But I have posted them yet...at #1...
  2. Can anyone give some advices, I update my DSDTs &ioreg? Thx a lot!
  3. Hello, everyone~ It's almost perfect with my ThinkPad of Yosemite, but there're still several problems I can't figure out, and hope u can help me~ 1. The laptop can't sleep. When I click "Sleep" button, the screen turns down but the fan still works. After using "_WAK fix" patch of DSDT sleep is OK, but it can't wake up... 2. The laptop may restart after "sleep" for a long time, about 30 min. This "sleep" means "screen black & fan run". 3. The fan still works when the laptop shuts down. The Clover config "HaltEnabler", "SlpSmiAtWake" have no effect. And the laptop couldn't restart. 4. When my computer logs in, the screen brightness is maximum. The DSDT has patched "Brightness Fix". I upload my Original DSDT and Using DSDT, ioreg. Heres are some informations of my laptop: CPU: Intel Core i5-4200M Graphic Card: Intel HD4600 Use Clover v2953, OS X version 10.10.2 All patches for DSDT: HD4600 Yosemite, Battery, Brightness Fix, Haswell LPC Thanks 4 ur help! E540.ioreg.zip DSDT.zip
  4. Oh, that' s too bad, I don't know it needs this kext, hahaha. I will install it, and I have some questions: 1. My computer has Nvida Optimus, I can disable Nvida card now in BIOS, but it's inconvenient for if I want to use it in Windows I must go to BIOS. So if I disable independent graphic card through DSDT, and boot Windows by Clover, can I use Optimus in Windows and use internal card in Mac at the same time? 2. There are two lights of the Fn keys, one is for mute, the other is for mic, how can I make them work by DSDT?
  5. Here it is. Is this file very important and someone may attack my computer easier by it?(Haha, maybe this question is foolish, but I haven' t heard such files before) WiLL.Mz.ioreg.zip
  6. I have renamed them by myself(It's really tough。。。), and I find there is no effect on the brightness...I will try the VoodooPS2, sincerely grateful for u~
  7. Now I meet new problem, I try to patch your "Brightness fix(Haswell)", because my laptop is ThinkPad I use "Rename VID to IGPU", and I get 28 errors...And can u tell me the reason? DSDT.dsl.zip
  8. Hey, RehabMan, I don't know how to extract tables with Linux, so I use AIDA64 on Windows and just get 4 warnings, I think I can fix them by myself. And do original tables have conflict with "config.plist"? I was not sure that so I extracted generated files.
  9. Yes, they are generated from Clover...OK, I will upload new tables tomorrow with Linux and I must go to bed...See u tomorrow
  10. Please see this attach, aml and dsl, thank u very much (And thanks for your tools, they help me more~) ACPI.zip
  11. Thanks for your quick reply~I have used this method and got same amounts of errors...
  12. Hello everyone, this is my first time posting a topic on InsanelyMac I' m a new fighter of Hackintosh, recent days I tried to use DSDT for my laptop battery management, but I met some trouble on fixing errors. After fixing one error, I got new 201 errors!!! Can anyone help me? I want to know why... Do those 201 errors exist before I fix the DSDT??? My CPU is Haswell Core i5-4200M, DSDT is got in OS X 10.9.4, Clover, original version by DarwinDumper. Thanks a lot! DSDT.aml.zip