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  1. Team, Thanks to a mate on the chat, called midi, I managed to get the whole thing to work now. Everything perfectly working: Power management & Sleep, Wifi, Ethernet & Bluetooth Full res on my 27" Iiyama screen Sound - that was hell to resolve but got it working !! The only think no working, I can live without it: Facebook & iMessage... despite everything I tried, I am not allowed to log in with my Apple ID. Thank you all for your support. I am know working on a report of what I did to get the whole working and will zip my EFI folder & share for those with similar configuration.
  2. Hi guys. Eventually, I reinstalled the latest Clover version [r2850]. I didn't use any of your files aankun, but another config.plist. The farthest I could go on the launcher - using Clover's "without cache with injected kexts" option - is: I'm know getting the apparently famous "still waiting for root device" message... From what I could read on the subject, it has something to do with the SATA setting. I confirm I have set it on BIOS to AHCI (not IDE, not RAID, not DISABLED). I have also tried to put AppleACPIPlatform.kext and/or Totallyfixstillwaiting.kext files on the S/L/E and/or the kext/10.9/ Clover folder on my pendrive with no more success. I guess the screenshot is clear, we get an errors at the AppleUSBEHCI initialization process. Any idea how to fix that?
  3. No more luck with the NullCPU kext... And yes, I did set my xmp profile to Profile1 :-(
  4. Hey, Unfortunately, no more luck... I have followed your video step by step. Except the one where you launch the rampagedev command line, I assume it's the famous "sudo [..] createinstaller [..]" command line to copy the MacOSX Mavericks Installer into the Clover GUID partition in that case (I already performed so and it's taking sooooo much time....) Here are the settings I changed right after I reloaded my BIOS defaults: AI Tweaker/X.M.P Profile = Auto Advanced/USB Config/xHCI Mode = Auto Advanced/System Agent Config/Graphics Config/Primary Display = PCIE Advanced/System Agent Config/CPU Config/Intel Virtualization = Disabled Boot/Secure Boot/OS Type = Other OS Boot/CSM Launch = Disabled I have also tried disabling everything from the BIOS: Bluetooth WiFi Both Ethernet Controllers I copied the Kext files as shown in your video, the only thing is you package seems to be missing the following files: AHCI...3rdP....SATA.kext ExOreboot.kext GenericUSBXHCI.kext IONetworkingFamily.kext My EFI/Clover/Kexts/10.9/ folder contains only the following files: bcm4352.kext BTFirmwareUploader.kext FakeSMC.kext And my EFI/Clover/Drivers64UEFI folder the exact same files as per your video. I edited the config.plist and replaced nvdia_drv=1 by -v to get to verbose mode everytime. It's stuck right after it shows my root UUID number... My DSDT fix mask shows the following selected (a little plus sign) Drop_DSM : 0x0000 AddDTGP Fix Darwin Fix Shutdown Fix HPET Add SMBUS Fix Display Fix LAN Fix Sound Fix Regions I'm using my 2 x 4GB RAM modules, I shall try to use just one, but I'm pretty sure I'll get the same ... nothing... What am I doing wrong...
  5. Hey aankun, I'm currently on the bus heading to my office, just watched your video... I don't care if it works or not, but you taking time to make a video and show all the steps up to the install screen.... I just want to say thank you !!!! Will try for sure when I'm back home this evening. Just a question. On the ramepagedev hasweĺ.dmg, i found an sdst.aml file that i put on my clover/acpi/patched/ folder (remembered that from my previous dell laptop hackintosh trial), did I do right? If not, what´s the purpose of that file?
  6. Guys, please help the noob I'm stuck being... I have tried everything... My BIOS settings are exactly as you said (I check that the VT-D setting has no influence at all on the boot process as far as I can say) Set my primary display as my GTX 760 (PCIE) xHCI set to Auto I couldn't find XMP... With you Clover EFI folder, I'm stuck at my UID Serial With the Rampagedev setting I'm going a little further: "TSC Deadline Timer supported and enabled" but nothing after that... I also have NO debug error message, so I really don't know where the problem comes from. I don't know who I can turn to if not you aankun, you have the most similar hardware to mine...
  7. Hi aankun, I have similar hardware: Asus Z97 Deluxe Core i7 4770K 2x8GB Corsaire RAM Asus GTX760 Direct CU II but I'm not able to get the Mavs installer to launch whatever bios setting I put. Can you help me through this ? Only difference I'm seeing is he Clover version, I'm using the latest which is later than yours (r2830) .... Will give a try and change this. EDIT - r2795 not working better...
  8. Thank guys for your answers. For the moment, I'm only trying to get Mavericks install to launch. One sub-project at a time, I will get to the dual boot later. I figured out whatever BIOS setting I put, I'm not able to get a GUID-partitioned USB to work properly. Whatever option I select, I'm stuck in Clover. So I reverted back to the good old MBR system with 2 partitions and installed clover on the first FAT32-formatted one. It's now working better, the installer now starts running but I'm stuck again : whatever boot option I choose (verbose all the time), I get more or less text but it never boots the Installer up to the Apple grey screen.... I cannot see from verbose where the error stands it just freezes at some point. I followed several guides with no luck... I removed my discrete graphics card, put it back, only left my destination HDD, setup different BIOS options, nothing.... It was less difficult to get through that part on my Dell laptop.... The "best" I'm having is by using the EFI folder provided in this post which seems to use similar hardware... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/300293-report-asus-z97i-plus-gtx-770-mavericks-1094/
  9. Team, My objective is to install a dual boot with windows 8.1. I read many times that for dual boot on newest UEFI motherboards, Clover was the best boot loader and that it needed to be used on a GUID partitioned disk should Windows 8.1 be installed in parallel. I've been tearing my hair since yesterday, and whatever BIOS setting I'm changing on my Asus Z97 deluxe, I am not able to get the OSX installer to launch. Clover is loaded fine but when I choose boot Install OSX, I get... nothing... Please help me.
  10. Guys, I have started from scratch using this guide: [ NooBs Guide ] How to install OS X Mavericks from scratch in progress I have created a GPT 1 partition Ext4 journaled USB drive. I used Disk Maker to create my OSX 10.9.4 Install - program said it was successful. I installed Clover using the options for UEFI as mentioned in the above post. Clover launches well when I boot from the stick, but then I get nothing when choosing to start the OSX Install launcher... EDIT: Have also used the "sudo /Applications / Install"... command line to copy again the installer on the stick, this is not working. Can someone tell what I'm doing wrong this time? Thanks
  11. Team, This will be my 2nd Hackintosh project and I hope (no I'm sure!) I'll get help from masters/gurus, over here. I bought myself the following PC with the objective to get a fully working dual boot (Mavericks + Windows 8.1) machine. Asus Z97 Deluxe Intel Core i7 4770K Asus Geforce GTX 760 Direct CU II OC Corsair Vengence 2x8Go Samsung SSD 840 Pro 256Go This topic will hopefully become a guide for people with similar hardware but I'm actually starting from scratch here and already have some issues. First thing first: From the different forums I read before using my credit card, all of those seem compatible to build my Hackintosh except for the Z97 board for which I found no clear answer on that aspect, I hope I did not make a mistake. I created my Mavericks 10.9.4 USB installer from a VMWare using this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298027-guide-aio-guides-for-hackintosh/?p=2019599 Unfortunately, and despite having configured my BIOS Security options properly, I'm getting a kernel panic after launching the install from Clover... Tried all possible bootflag combinations, nothing works... Can someone please help?
  12. Dell Studio XPS 1640 (2009-model)

    Hi Fusion, Thanks again for helping. Unfortunately, I have tried all your suggestions already. I'm basically using everything in the DarwinX kext package. The DSDT.aml file as well, nothing seems to help me get sound or bluetooth working. I agree with the Golden Rule!!! But this time I was too confident in my capacity to reproduce something I already had working. I shouldn't have. Just to make sure I did things properly: I deleted AppleHDA kext from the S/L/E folder & DSDL.aml from EFI/Clover/ACPI/patched I copied DSDT.aml file from DarwinX package in the same folder as above I installed VoodooHDA kext from DarwinX package using Kext Wizard. When completed, I closed Kext Wizard and run Kext Utility to rebuild cache and repair permissions I rebooted ...Nothing changed As far as I remember, when I got sound working, it was with an AppleHDA.kext, but again, my memory isn't perfect...
  13. Dell Studio XPS 1640 (2009-model)

    Hi team, I have once almost successfully installed mavericks on my laptop... only Bluetooth, Wifi & Card reader were not working, sound was working. I cannot get sound to work since I re-installed (I needed to re-partition my HD and forgot to save the kexts / EFI folder files I used). Have someone successfully installed Mavericks on this laptop? and would it be possible to share the kexts and or DSDT.aml / config.plist files? Thank you in advance for any help.
  14. Please help. I started the process from scratch with the objective to repeat a clean install and be able to write my guide for the Dell Studio XPS 1640 (Core2Duo). I have completed the installation of Mavericks, but I have no more hair, since I've been tearing it off while trying to get sound to work... I finally managed to do it during my 1st install, but I'm not able to get it to work anymore on my fresh install... tried every possible Voodoo/Apple HDA kexts I've downloaded, with no luck... Please help
  15. Hi, Followed the instructions above about the muti-boot USB installer. I have managed to split my install.wim file into install.swm & install2.swm files and copied all of my Windows ISO to my WIN partition (FAT32) Installed Clover with the above recommended parameters, I unchecked the "Install Clover in ESP" button. Clover installation went successful, then I copied the FakeSMC.kext and HFSPlus.efi file into the folders as shown in post#1. I also copied the fusion71au-provided config.plist into the Clover folder. Wasn't able to extract the bootmgfw.efi from my install.wim file though (I'm running Win7 for now) I tried to boot from my USB with only Clover & Windows installer but I get the following message: The 32GB stick was the one I used to actually install Mavericks before thinking multiboot, which confirms my USB can boot, am I wrong?