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  1. [How To] 5.1 Surround Sound

    I can attest to the fact that this technique works, I subsituted the front headphone Node ID for that of the orange rear output Node ID in the info.plist for AppleHDA.kext, and using the aggregate output device guide from this thread, I now have full fantastic 5.1 Audio!!! (gigabyte EP45-DS4P mobo, ALC889a audio) w00t! All thanks to consolation & the helpful info of contributors to this thread! Thank u all!
  2. EFI Post Install Package

    Please can somebody help me on this one. I've tried the Brazilmac postpatch too - only to fail during boot with the following Panic "Unable to find driver for this platform: \"ACPI\" Bugger. I thought that Gigabyte's P35-DS3R was meant to be one of the more straightforward installs but I just can't seem to get OSX going. ANY any help would be much appreciated.
  3. EFI Post Install Package

    I've followed the EFI instructions - installed Brazilmac's Leapord release, then ran ./startupfiletool /dev/rdisk1s1 ./boot. It appeared to work, but I just get endless reboots, once I'm finished. Any suggestions ppl?
  4. "can't find mach kernel" on Boot

    sorted - i was just a matter of changing the paths in Brazilmac's PostPatch. Now I just have a KERNEL PANIC on booting - w00t. ("Unable to find driver for this platform: \"ACPI\".... yada yada yada) WHY can't my install be as smooth as other Gigabyte p35-DS3R users seem to have found it!)
  5. Hey all, I've had no end of headaches trying to get OSX up & running on my gigabyte P35-DS3R system, mostly getting installs that wouldn't get past the blinkin cursor on boot. So I installed the JAS 10.4.8 osx build & installed Brazilmac's Leapord distribution on top - as well as successfully installing the PostPatch. Now, upon booting Darwin briefly starts up, only to display the message "can't find mach kernel", with the display becomeing extremely flickered. So if anybody has any suggestions, I really appreciate it. I'm really hoping that there is a fix for this. Thanks folks!
  6. Unable to mount disk volume....

    Well, I ended up installing to an external USB drive with Uphucks disk! w00t! Only now I have a problem with kernel panic... *sigh* Well, at least I'm making progress! Thanks to everybody for their input!
  7. Unable to mount disk volume....

    So nobody has any input or advice to offer??
  8. Unable to mount disk volume....

    Well the drive is detected, certainly... It just WILL NOT mount. The thing is, with my mobo, it seems that OS X will only work with SATA drives. (p5n32-e SLI). There's a thread here providing the instructions I've been following, but it seems the author didn't have my issue. I'm just wondering what factors could at all be preventing the mount. Erase even formats the disk properly, which shows in the disk info in the Disk Utility. It's driving me nuts.
  9. Unable to mount disk volume....

    So can anybody suggest a foolproof way to get the partition mounted?
  10. Unable to mount disk volume....

    Yeah. As i mentioned in my last post - I tried that. I don't think that it actually even starts... because all that happens is that the rainbow beach ball just keeps on rotating. I let it go for 45 mins before giving up on it. This is with the Uphuck boot disk btw.
  11. Unable to mount disk volume....

    I'm having EXACTLY the same problem. I have 1 150gb SATA drive I wish to set as my OS X partition. I've formated as FAT32, I've used diskpart and I've tried using the disk utility to format/erase the partition. Currently its even showing in Disk Utility as Mac OS Extended etc - BUT IT JUST WONT MOUNT. *VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!* Any solutions that any of you could suggest would be MUCH appreciated!!!
  12. Hey all, I'm getting ready to do my first OSx86 install, which sadly means that my 8800GTS will have to put aside for the time being. So my question is this, considering that I'll primarily be using the machine to run the Adobe CS Suite, and almost never for gaming, do any of u reckon that there's any real benefit on spending almost twice as much on an ASUS 7600GS silent video card (nvidia), as opposed to the 7300GS???? UNLESS of course I can be reassured that I'll bee able to run Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator etc using my 8800GTS card - now THAT would be infinitely preferable!!!! However I understand that because Nvidia 8xxx cards still don't allow for CI/QE, I can forget about using CS3... is that right?? Cheers - any input you can provide would be much appreciated!!