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    Clover Bootloader black screen + shut down

    Finally got it installed by removing the default clover flag (kext-dev=1). The installation worked but had a really low refresh rate on the screen. Now when i try to boot OSX with no boot flag (only clover default une), the progress bar stops at the middle, and when I use verbose mode it stucks at the beginning at : USBMC identifier (non-unique)
  2. Clemaister

    Clover Bootloader black screen + shut down

    Thanks I'm gonna search for it. Regarding nullcpupowermangement kext it is already in the extra/extensions folder, so I guess it's already enabled right ? Disabling Nvidia didn't change anything (flag nv_disable=1 ?) Thank you for your time, here is my config.plist : config.plist.zip
  3. Clemaister

    Clover Bootloader black screen + shut down

    I'm running a Samsung AtivBook2 ( i5 Ivy Bridge 3230M (2.6 GHz), Intel HD 4000 graphics + Nvidia Geforce 710M 2Go, Ram 8G ) Sorry I can't take a picture because it doesn't hang, it just goes black suddenly. :/ But I finally got it started by plugging another screen by HDMI, but here is the weird result on the plugged screen : Resolution / Refresh rate problem maybe ? Btw the laptop screen still shows nothing. Sorry about it, it seems that I just clicked 2 times on the submit button while a server lag.
  4. Hey guys ! I have an issue concerning the Clover Bootloader for Yosemite. When I launch the Yosemite installation from Clover, the installer starts to load, but then the screen suddenly goes black, and few seconds later the computer seems to shut down (Not really a shut down because the power indicator is still on). The thing is I'm new to Clover, and I even after reading the wiki I couldn't find how to fix my problem. So I tested in verbose mode, but as the screen suddenly goes black I can't see what is the last loading line. It looks like the GraphicsEnabler problem of Chameleon, so I also tried to disable nvidia graphics with the flag nv_disable=1, but nothing changed. Can someone give me a clue to help me solve this problem ? Thanks.
  5. Clemaister

    About : AMD Radeon HD6320

    Hi everyone, I finally got my HP Pavilion dm1-4136sf (AMD E-450 processor) working on Mac OSX 10.9. Now I'm trying to find some kexts to get the display working properly. The matter is that my graphic card is an AMD Radeon HD6320, and I head that for some reasons it is complicated to find kext for it. I tried the kext AMDRadeon6000.kext, but seems not to be loaded when booting according to Kext Wizard (in loaded kext interface). Does anyone has any clue ?