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  1. After finally finding a framebuffer that would give me a signal (Junsai) with ATIInject I did try again editing the connectors and trying all the control flags but no luck. I'm back to using the integrated graphics as primary and no ATIInject (which I believe just defaults to Futomaki anyway). Over all seems more stable than Junsai, just would have preferred not to have to use the integrated HDMI for boot, etc.
  2. I believe I have tried that, the ATIConnector Patch (listed here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/282787-clover-v2-instructions/?do=findComment&comment=1853099). I just tried again after reading Rampagedev's blog post. I'm currently using Futomaki and I've only applied the ATIConnector Patch to the 4 DP ports as I don't use the DVI. I've tried with several frame buffers but no success, and when I try ATIInject I get no displays at all when I boot. Maybe my problem is ATIInject?
  3. I've just switched to Clover from Chimera and so far everything seems to be running normally except for my multi display. System is: Intel i7-3770k Asus Sabertooth Z77 Asus 7970 (2DVI + 4 DP) - Set to Primary GPU in BIOS I've got all my monitors connected to 3 of the DP, and in System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement I can see all three. Likewise in System Information > Graphics/Displays all 3 are listed. However only 2 of the monitors are receiving a signal. I am using the OPM frame buffer for the 6 DP connections, however I've tried various other frame buffers with the same result. In my clover config.plist I have the FB Name set to OPM and Video Ports set to 6, nothing else. (If I Inject ATI only one monitor will be recognized). Oddly enough if I set my Primary GPU to the integrated Intel and connect via HDMI I can get all 3 monitors receiving a signal plus the 4th on the integrated. However this is not the setup I want as then I have to switch back and forth to HDMI when booting. Is there a way to get all the monitors receiving a signal with my discrete 7970 set as primary?