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  1. Hi there! @MaLd0n If you wouldn't mind, I have a laptop I've been working on, here is the files you have requested! Thanks for your help! Send me Jobes-MacBook-Air.zip
  2. Figured it out, got the VooDooPS2 kext to work, found a trackpad panel that works. Keyboard is now funky, can't use num lock. Thank you again
  3. Lenovo 530u Touch, Rehabman's guide really didn't help much for my unit. Does using/having both GPU's conflict or is there a reason to disable the nvidia? Tried the battery kext, next step would be to make an SSDT for it then? I'm trying to learn here, so thank you for your time and patience Edit: Also, I have a weird issue. In the config.plist if I remove the change GFX0 to IGPU the track pad stops working. If I enable the GFX0 to IGPU in the DSDT patches it works.
  4. Thank you very much! 2 questions: The nvidia chip no longer shows up, it is working anymore? It only shows the built in intel GPU. And the battery on this laptop, I cannot get the battery icon to show up
  5. I got it working, thank you again! I have both AppleALC and Voodoo installed and my Surround and DP Audio work just fine! Beer money incoming!
  6. I use DP. Uninstalled then reinstalled web driver. No HDMI/DP output. Only using 1050Ti, onboard GPU is disabled. VooDoo kext confirmed, shows all audio, works as needed, sounds bad tho. I just can't figure out what is stopping it from being an option as output. I prefer to use AppleALC as I am currently using now.
  7. Thank you again for all your help. All I am using is my 1050Ti, not using onboard video, but using the onboard Audio. So voodoo is my only option for HDMI/DP Audio? Thanks!
  8. Here's my new one, thank you again very much! It looks great! Send me Jobes-iMac.zip
  9. Thank you very much for your time and help. Is there a way to get my HDMI audio working?
  10. Hi there! I was directed to post here. I'm looking for help with my: ASUS ROG STRIX B250H GAMING Looking to make DSDT and possible SSDT if needed. Thanks!
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    Thank you!
  12. Does anyone out there have this motherboard and a working DSDT for it? I'd like to make a custom one, I'm running off of clover patches for now. Thanks!