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  1. carlisle_united

    SL on Asus EeePC 1005HA?

    Aw shoot! Some Help please... I have had some audio problems with my 1005HA running SL so in a weak moment i reinstalled the extra folder found earlier in this thread.. All good... however i forgot to use the extraupdater thing. Now it wont boot... at all... It just hangs on the apple bootscreen, if i do -v -f it just goes black but nothing more, no pinwheel no nothing = no fun. any idea? someone?
  2. carlisle_united

    HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    How did you get the Graphics to "work"? I tried the tweeking but i just wont work...
  3. carlisle_united

    atom n450 / pine trail + OS X

    Hope somebody finds an solution for this soon... I just got my Chinese Macbook AIR clone and it has the N450 CPU (Despite the promise of a N280 CPU). And it just begs me to instal OSX on it, but I have no luck...
  4. carlisle_united

    Where's my sound!?

    Hi everybody I have installed iDeneb 10.5.8 on my Thinkpad T43 but I can't get the sound to work... The sound worked perfectly in Kalaway 10.5.1 which I had problems uppdating to 10.5.8 so I installed iDeben instead. But how do I get sound again? I have tried all drivers on the iDeneb DVD and also those on the Kalaway Disc... Is there something i'm missing? the audio is: AD1981B AC'97 Audio controller Thanks in advance //Carlisle_united
  5. Hi everyone With the risk of repeting somthing you all have writen houndreds of times. Im about to buy Aspire One A150 and need to get som things straight. 1) Audio works flawless? 2) Mic works? 3) Cam works? 4) does wifi work? (after changing the card) 5) Does two finger gestures work on the trackpad? 6) What dosen't work... and is there anyware to find a user guide on the web? Thanks in advance.
  6. carlisle_united

    Build 9a527

    You should do a new installation from scrach... not a Archive & Install. This might be the reason for why it don't work.