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  1. now I've tried UB with Clover with 10.9.4, this time a bit different, the computer loaded longer before rebooting, still no luck
  2. was so desperate that I'm thinking of trying one of those distros out there, also at the time i tried the installation last night (GMT +8 here) the whole forum was shut down, leaving no clue to me :S
  3. Great, hope UB will work since I'm installing the 10.9.4 version, should probably try that, my last hope. Could you tell me what are the extra directories?
  4. Thanks a lot slave-zeo!! I didnt use chameleon as bootloader. I just followed the steps mentioned elsewhere on a clover tutorial page
  5. so my xps8700 finally arrived, I followed the steps mentioned earlier this thread with clover but didnt have much luck (was sure that the BIOS settings were right). I was stuck at the kernel panic reboot loop and couldn't even get into the install screen, tried different bootflag combinations and settings (-x dart=0 etc...and KernelPM) and still have no luck. Does anyone have any idea? I even tried the myHack method with the provided patched Kernel, no success at all...
  6. great, so the one I'm getting comes with an SSD+HD, i guess by default they'll install win 8 on the SSD, is it preferable to install hackintosh into the other partition?
  7. thanks for the quick reply! so which bootloader in the end will I be using if - fingers crossed - installation is successful for dual booting? pardon me if I'm asking dumb questions....
  8. Guys thanks for the effort and write up, really appreciate it! I'm new to hackintosh and I'll be having an xps8700 soon, just wondering if anyone has got any luck in dual booting the maching with win 8? cheers.